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Fighting Fake News with RAEL, 19/6/22; Sky News and the ABC; Profiteering not Wages; Energy Bills; Yassmin Abdel-Magied;



 May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'Massacre Girl @salems_thot Australia is a great country where a barista on 32k isn't working class but the guy who owns three cafes is. I'll stop reposting this when it stops being accurate. 6:45 pm 17 Jun 22 Twitter Web App'

Sky News host Chris Kenny has been a fierce critic of the ABC.

I am not a fan of Rupert Murdoch’s subscription TV service, Sky News Australia. It is a low-budget, down-market clone of the reactionary Sky News in the UK, which was the major media booster of the Brexit calamity courtesy of regular promotion of windbag Nigel Farage.

Sky Australia takes some inspiration from the UK but more from its other toxic sibling, Fox News in the US, infamous for enabling Donald Trump’s appalling regime and his attempted coup.

I had my share of venomous exchanges with the Sky crew and their self-important ranters, the bottom feeders of the Australian media. Imagine my surprise when they asked me to participate in a documentary.

Source: Sky News is making a doco


Yassmin’s father encouraged her to study engineering: “His traditional masculinity didn’t mean I was told there was one way to be a woman, as he was always supportive of me studying science, maths and tech subjects.”

  The LNP, Sky News and Murdoch's Newscorp drove this gifted Queenslander of the Year 2015 from the country. Ensuring the loss to Australia of one of it's most educated, intelligent, talented woman from the country with their White, Nationalistic, Anti- Muslim, Misogynistic, jingoistic racist rants ever focused on an Aussie citizen. Those trolls deprived the country of a role model for Australia's future with their hate and disregard for basic Human Rights.

 “We talked through everything. We did all that pre-emptive work for any future difficulties.”

Why Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a big proponent of the marriage contract

It’s not rising workers’ wages that are causing spiraling inflation — it’s corporate profiteering.

Source: No, Rising Prices Are Not Being Driven by Rising Wages

An aerial shot of the Gorgon gas project on the coast of Western Australia.

Causes of our Inflation crisis isn't wages

Two decades ago, then-treasurer Peter Costello blocked Shell from a takeover of Woodside, arguing that a foreign takeover of the North-West Shelf was against the national interest. It’s happened anyway.

Source: How your spiking energy bills are making foreign investors rich – ABC News

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