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A man who has passionately called for governments to get out of people’s lives has somehow ended up in a job that requires him to work with the government every single goddamn day.

Source: Man who wants government out of his life accidentally makes government bigger part of his life | The Shovel


The future looks promising!

Source: Exodus – » The Australian Independent Media Network


Hold your fire. There’s heaps to do at home. A Voice to Parliament. Energy. Welfare. Education. Higher Education. Health. Wages. The Arts. Climate. Everything worthwhile’s been neglected under the fossil fuel muppets of the last nine years.

And do bring on the Royal Commission into Murdoch. As soon as you can.

Morrison didn’t just drive the Liberal Party into a mountain. He and his predecessors dismantled our democratic, civil society. You call yourself a builder in the election campaign. Let’s see some of that. So what’s the go, Albo?


Source: What’s the go, Albo? (Part 1) – » The Australian Independent Media Network


CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT The entire Australian media landscape, from the culture wars desperados at NewsCorp to the Stockholm Syndromed ABC, are still struggling with the fact...

Humiliated Australian Media To Continue Pretending The Liberals Didn’t Just Lose Twenty Seats

 May be an image of text that says 'Coalition's $1 billion energy promise fails to power up The former government unveiled a program in 2019 to support six hydropower schemes, five gas projects and one coal-fired power station upgrade. So far, none of the projects has been built and several have been abandoned.'


 May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'PETA Herald Sun CREDLIN Daily Telegraph Courier Mail Earthto Bowen: Weneed the power on 24/7 After Rudd started down this path, the only recent prime minister not to maintain the pretence that we could simultaneously cut emissions, lower prices, and maintain affordability was Tony Abbott and he was cut down, in part, because he was supposedly a climate denier. INSANE POWER POLICY Renewable push a threat We need power on 24/7 While you can run house on solar panels with batteries, you can't run an economy on them' 

Why our energy grid is in such mess stretches back to when Abbott was PM and Credlin his adviser

Peta Credlin another Ignorant NewsCorp Taking Head. (Sleeping Giants on Twitter and The National Times)
We are all sick and tired of hearing it, but NewsCorp and its collection of biased acolytes like Peta Credlin with multiple national and global platforms will fight for fossil fuels until the last tonne of coal is ripped from the ground and our Sky is colored green and not blue.
But it's not everyday that one observes the ignorant ' Peta ' in full denial mode. 
 Peta reminding us of the disastrous Abbott regime, which lasted just 2 years before the Liberal party dumped him as an electoral liability and a political buffoon.
Tony Abbott's main achievements were the repeal of the carbon tax and the repeal of the mining tax.
Thus setting Australia back a decade or more in the transition to renewables and allowing the theft of our mineral wealth by foreign owned companies.
There is something very wrong with NewsCorp something very wrong .
And we have to fight back EVERY day to stop the Fake News that emanates from NewsCorp. (Paraphrased)

 A divided world results in threat and  the destruction of the planet. The situation demands renewable enegy resources be developed ASAP

“But if we don’t do it then we run the risk that the storage facilities will not be full enough at the end of the year towards the winter season. And then we are blackmailable on a political level,” he said.

Source: Europe eyes coal as Russia gas flows wane – Michael West

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