Thursday, 24 November 2022

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Fight for Control

 Implausible deniability

"It was a big weekend for such distancing tactics, with Liberal leader Matthew Guy forced to answer questions about several problematic candidates. Guy was quick to put out a statement on Cumming, whom his party has preferenced high on its ticket, condemning her remarks “in the strongest possible terms”. But the Coalition nevertheless chose to preference her knowing full well the kind of views she holds. Guy stood by Liberal candidate Timothy Dragan, whose offensive views on …

The Fiberal Party of Australia - Lies & Misdemeanours

Meanwhile Murdoch Media remains in denial

Longer fire seasons, more intense tropical cyclones and oceans riddled with acidity are all signs of rising global temperatures, a new report has found.

Source: Australia’s still heating up dangerously – 


NSW Police has confirmed that a fire has caused significant damage to a house listed in public records as the address of Friendlyjordies.

Source: Friendlyjordies’ house ‘firebombed’ in suspected arson, lawyers say

A Row of Voting Booths Ready for Election Day in Australia.

The Liberal Party in Victoria is caught in a trap. It pitches itself as the moderate old party of its forebears. Unfortunately, too many of the moderates who ran it or voted for it are disenchanted both by shambolic efforts in the state, and by its damaged federal reflection.

Around the state, branches are under siege by extremist religious groups, mostly Pentecostal but also Mormon. The state’s governing body is also gradually filling with these members.

Source: Victorian Elections: Liberals under siege from extremist religious groups – Pearls and Irritations

 May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'GUY RUNDLE OPINION Victoria's Liberal Party was invaded by the margins, and now it lies in ruins'

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