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Fighting Fake News with REAL, 16/3/23. Keating's Say, AUKUS ANGLOSPHERE, Truth in Humour, Carbon Miracles, The Righteous,


“Should Russia or China want to send a signal to Washington that it means business and ‘don’t push us any further’, a one-off nuclear strike on Pine Gap would do that very effectively, without triggering retaliation from the US since it doesn’t take out a US mainland installation or city,” says Dr Tanter.

Premiere to be held in Melbourne 6.30pm, March 22 at the Cinema Nova, Carlton.

Source: “Road to War” – » The Australian Independent Media Network

Former prime minister Paul Keating slammed the AUKUS submarine plan.

The former prime minister said Anthony Albanese had relied on “two seriously unwise ministers”,  Penny Wong and Richard Marles.

“Penny Wong took a decision in 2016, five years before AUKUS, not to be at odds with the Coalition on foreign policy on any core issue. You cannot get into controversy as the foreign spokesperson for the Labor Party if you adopt the foreign policy of the Liberal Party, if you are on a unity ticket to deny the Liberals any wedge on foreign policy and defence.

 “You may stay out of trouble, but you are compromised. Self-compromised.”

 “Running around the Pacific Islands with a lei around your neck handing out money, which is what Penny does, is not foreign policy. It’s a consular task. Foreign policy is what you do with the great powers: what you do with China, what you do with the United States.

“This government, the Albanese government, does not employ foreign policy.”


Keating blasts AUKUS as the ‘worst decision’ by Labor since WWI


Source: Australia declares war on China in 2045 | The Shovel


"They'll get $300 billion, we'll save $68 billion" 

 Sub plan scrapped: Australia to just pay China $300 billion not to invade 


Greenwashing Carbon and creating “a perpetual motion machine” turning bad into good into bad once again. It’s a lab-created fantasy and “renewable scam”. How we came to love carbon emissions

Critics say carbon capture is being used to extend the life of highly polluting industries.

Source: Scientists aim to take carbon from lab to shop shelves – Michael West

 May be an image of text that says 'FRACKING EXECS IN 2013: When they first laid eyes on the Beetaloo Basin, they told Traditional Owners that their drills would only impact land to the size of a billy can... FRACKING EXECS NOW: Now 10 years later, frackers like Tamboran want to use rigs that can frack 4km long. 4KM'

 The right’s agenda is no longer about manipulating the media, it’s about manipulating reality. And it is not a conspiracy – it is business.

It’s the business of pushing right-wing agendas, the business of creating chaos, the business of maintaining power. If progressives don’t start understanding and accepting that this is now part of how you maintain political power, if they don’t accept that this is happening, if they don’t start pushing and spinning the ball of manipulation back, they will ultimately lose.

Source: The rise of the Right-eous | The Shot

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