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Demented Policing: Tasering the Elderly - The AIM Network

 A VIDEO & A Police Decision from the top "Not in the public Interest"  means not in the Police's Interest

A local community advocate, Andrew Thaler, holds little hope for her recovery. “I don’t think there’s going to be a recovery. Tasers take out bulls and fully grown men. She’s a slip of a woman.”

A number of conversations have been generated by the incident, mostly avoiding the reality of Tasers. There is much chat about dementia and the need for better understanding. “It is not just about memory,” says one touted expert on the ABC news network. “We need people to understand that our brains are slowing down.” And not just dementia sufferers.

It would be useful if such an understanding would extend to the police. But these recruits are not exactly renowned for their intelligence, emotional or otherwise. Cotter is adamant that the video and audio coverage of the incident, captured by the body cameras of the two police, would not be released. It was “confronting” and “not in the public interest” which, in Australian institutional terms, tends to mean that disclosure should take place.

Australia is a country addictively hostile to the elderly. Despite being a continent that speaks to immemorial origins, respect for those who age is uncommon. In The Lucky Country, that seminal, repeatedly misunderstood text, written in frustrated, sour prose, Donald Horne observes that Australia is not a place where one should grow old. And so,…

Source: Demented Policing: Tasering the Elderly – » The Australian Independent Media Network

For Peter Dutton

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Climate Protesters to Dress Up as Neo-Nazis, in New Strategy to Avoid Being Hassled by Police


Stuart Robert insisted he did nothing wrong in his dealings with his consultant friend David Milo and others.

Former judges believe the new federal integrity watchdog should investigate former cabinet minister Stuart Robert after months of revelations about his help for consultants who sought lucrative deals with federal agencies.Political Reputation

Source: Stuart Robert should face National Anti-Corruption watchdog, say experts

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