Friday, 26 May 2023

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The most livable country according to those surveyed

 May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'RATIONAL A Rationa Fear FEAR @ARationalFear Once more for the people at the back, Pete. RATIONAL FEAR The Indigenous Voice to Parliament will divide Australians against each other. Whereas continuing to ignore the impact of dispossession and systemic racism on First Nations people brings us together.' 

Ignoring it, burning books and banning teaching it as history would ensure a united truth built on bullshit.



Joe Benke

 The top end of town keeps promising a trickle down if their opportunities improve but the certainly scream when taxes trickle up and not down don't they? Whats more they have the mainstream media's megaphone to help as they depend on being financed from the top and not the middle or bottom income earners

The Andrews government continues to insist its plan to slap larger businesses and landlords with $8.6 billion of extra taxes over the next four years to help “stabilise” the state’s hulking debt won’t hurt people on low or middle incomes. But is this really the case?

Josh Gordon

Will the $8.6b tax slug really only hit the top end of town?

Some people have criticised the draft proposal for a First Nations Voice as a radical change to Australia’s Constitution.

Source: No, the Voice isn’t a ‘radical’ change to our Constitution

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