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Andrew Bolt's Blog,27/4/18; Proof why Bolt fails to rate; White South African Farmers andeffortless propaganda; ANZAC DAY; When crime does pay

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 Obviously, Bolt has wax in his ears, a short memory or doesn't hear what Scott M has to say that "projected revenue is up". The economy has improved and will continue to do so. All he can say is "don't trust them" he means politicians.
 However, remember his team  Hockey and Abbott's budget they set the precedent of not allowing their numbers to be audited by Treasury. They chose their auditors themselves, confirmed their own estimates and declared them independently audited which when delivered were treated like lead zeppelins by the electorate. Apparently, Morrison's auditors aren't the same this time around if they are we don't seem to have heard.  
 Bolt's editorial is a summary of what we already know a plodding, unenlightening obit? Does he remind us of Abbott and Hockey were politicians who made promises and did quite the opposite in 2014 only to unwrap an early Xmas gift in 2015?  Does he remind us of Hockey standing up while in NZ telling everyone there was never a problem with the Australian economy and Abbott rushing to the microphones back home to say "we've fixed the problem economy" without a word of how? Bolt tells us how gross debt is $500 bill but again forgets to remind us it was Abbott and Hockey who raised the debt ceiling from $350mill.
So basically Bolt's saying don't trust them fails to remind us that it was Abbott and Hockey who started the game of "chicken little warnings" said they'd fixed them like Mandrake raised the debt ceiling and put their foot on the spending accelerator without really doing anything at all that improved the state of the nation. Wayne Swann was voted the world's best Treasurer because he did something and Joe Hockey the worst because  Tony Abbott put him in the crosshairs and did nothing, a pigeon pair of duds. Neither Morrison nor Shorten sound anything like those two but that's the foundation of Bolt's scepticism his side.

Image result for images of Hockey budget Audit

  South African farmers: we will decide | The Monthly

 It may have taken almost 16 years, but finally, the whirligig of time is bringing in its revenge.
Girt by Sea: Australia, the Refugees and the Politics of Fear.In a chapter titled “What Dare Not Speak Its Name”, I asked the forbidden question: was our prime minister, and by extension his government, actually racist?
John Howard already had form: he had amended the Native Title Act to enact the Wik response that favoured farmers over Aboriginal traditional owners, he had called for a slowdown in Asian immigration, and the entire basis of his 2001 election campaign – “We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come” – was one of jingoism if not xenophobia.

But did it go the whole way to outright racism? I offered the observation: “It is hard to believe that, had those rescued by the Tampa been white Zimbabwean farmers fleeing the brutal regime of President Mugabe, they would have been treated as hostile invaders and denigrated as economic migrants, illegals, and finally potential terrorists.”Then I waited for the government or one of its many media boosters to offer a rebuttal. Deafening silence – until at last, some 16 years later, the emergence of Peter Dutton, blatantly and shamelessly demanding that white South African farmers should be encouraged to jump the queue in favour of those already languishing in the various camps – including, of course, those sponsored by Australia in Nauru and Manus Island.

It is worth noting that while the South African farmers may feel discriminated against by legislation that may take away some or all of their property, thus qualifying them as economic migrants, it is a big stretch to claim that they, as a class, let alone a race (as Dutton seems to define them) are facing deliberate political persecution.Certainly, there have been murders in South Africa – far more black deaths than white, if that matters, which it obviously doesn’t to Dutton. But much of South Africa is violent, though not a lawless, society. To declare that the 74 farm murders between 2016 and 2017, which Tony Abbott effortlessly ramps up to 400, were all political reeks more of propaganda than of evidence.
Dutton is more than dog whistling; he is quite overtly promoting his own version of White Australia, in which all but unquestioning preference is to be accorded to whites who want residence, and the rest can rot away in whichever gulags they can find – we will decide. ( Mungo M)

  Car celebrating black diggers excluded from Anzac Day parade | NITV

 A car decorated with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags was denied entry to this week's
 Anzac Day parade on Bribie Island.
A vintage yellow car has driven Aunty Susan Dean and other Aboriginal community members in the Anzac Day parade on Queensland's Bribie Island for the last two years.
 He said the SES member told him the vehicle wasn't registered for the event. But this was news to Mr McCarthy, who said he called up in the days prior to the parade to confirm its place.

Robert Hazelwood, Vice President of the Bribie Island RSL Sub Branch and Bribie Island's Anzac Day parade commander, told NITV News the issue wasn't that the car displayed large Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.
“That particular vehicle was disruptive to last year’s parade,” he said.
“This is a very sacred event to us, it’s a day of remembrance for people who were killed in action."
Howeve,r Aunty Sue said they were well received last year.
"Nothing was said and everyone was cheering and waving at us and, you know, giving us the thumbs up and all."

Asked if he would be concerned if parade representatives were suggesting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags were not allowed in the Anzac Day events, Mr Hazlewood said: "I suppose I would be."
But after parking the car, Aunty Sue said they were again stopped by an SES member when they tried to walk past the security gate leading to the ceremony.
"Myself and the kids were carrying hand-held flags - the Aboriginal, the Torres Strait Islander and the Australian flags we were carrying -  and this lady from the SES comes over, 'Excuse me, you cannot take that in there'."

 Crime Really Does Pay: Telstra’s $10 Million Fine Is $50 Million Less Than What It Stole - New Matilda

 Indigenous kids are jailed for a Mars Bar

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