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Andrew Bolt's Blog,11/2/19; Bolt returns to poll dancing; Our courts are now putting a halt to coal; Conervatives, News Corp and the sounds of Trump;

A dramatic pause: Tony Abbott nods at Mark Riley.Image result for Images of  Peter Dutton and boom Gate'


 Well, well, well, the 80 hours a week man Andrew Bolt has slid back from under his weekend holiday rock that began Friday to do some hard yards of commentary and Poll dancing. The commentary and columns will he blogged about last week nothing new. Remember in the days of his mate Tony's dreadful polling both in and out of the Party. Those were the days when polls meant nothing and weren't to be believed. They were populist garbage. Those were the days when Tony Abbott polled poorly across the planet he was Donald Trump watch it here
Tony Abbott roasted by John Oliver on HBO show Last Week Tonight



So as long as polls are paid for by News Corp, they are correct, but if gathered by GETUP they are a plot and conspiracy. GETUP announced it was assisting a campaign to oust Abbott in Warringah hardly a conspiracy revealed by newshound Bolt. Sounds awfully like a case of sour grapes on Bolt's part to me. Is the conservative version of GETUP failing to fly?
 "Activist" doctors, activist scientists, activist groups, sounds as if Andrew Bolt has only one bullet in his gun and he's being overrun by "activists" otherwise known as Australians. Really have only 52 people caused all this trouble for Tony Abbott who we heard on the Bolt Report tell us he was having a hard time in Warringah as were conservatives across the planet and he wasn't unique. Yet the day before TA said it was normal for an election to be hard fought and he wasn't worried. Now it seems he is and along with Bolt is concerned about collusion in Warringah of not the left but Liberals pushing to get rid of him. What's worse they have been seduced by the GetUP group of mercenaries so tight they won't let News Corp or Abbott stooges infiltrate to LEAK as was ASIO that leaked all the way to the front-page of the Murdoch Party. Why is Bolt so concerned about being locked out of a good story. He makes them up at will.
Bolt's first attempt at scandal-mongering is "The Daily Telegraph has obtained screenshots of Ms Hislop on the list, run via a phone app called Slack, as well as her profile which includes her photograph and current mobile phone number. 
"Interesting use of the red herring. The issue is not whether Hislop is a member of the Warringah Action Group, but getting GetUp backing:" Is this it?

Of course, she's getting GETUP backing. GETUP announced it in the media weeks ago that was their attention. GETUP, after all, it provides not only the people of Warringah with a platform to associate, donate to and come to a common cause. Shit, maybe Bolt's Conservatives shouldn't have tried so hard to get rid of the Trade Unions doing so merely created a vacuum, the opportunity for Democracy to work at an even more effective level and allowing people otherwise diverse to unite in a more effective way than News Corp does for conservatives. Watching the Aussie Tories and neocons fail to invent an equivalent platform and united front where ordinary Australians can associate is the beauty of it. Illegal of course it is to conservatives the IPA is now trying to mimic a GETUP, but it's not working. You need more than 1% of the nation and besides the IPA is already a secret organisation where everyone knows each other and doesn't let just anyone into their inner sanctum. At one stage we told it was financially owned by Gina and morally boosted by Rupert while the other members remained virtually hidden but yes the usual suspects.
 Does anyone for a moment think Tony Abbott isn't getting secret help and boosting from the cabal of IPA and News Corp? 
 Bolt's "locked out" is drama, crocodile tears he will continue as usual just inventing leaks and rumours without sources.
By the way, Slack doesn't seem to be anything other than a tool conservatives can use to communicate message each other not a  place of enlightenment. "Interesting use of the red herring. The issue is not whether Hislop is a member of the Warringah Action Group, but getting GetUp backing:"
Apparently if your a member of GETUP you can't be political animal have an opinion or even be an Australian Dutton and Bolt would love to cancel your citizenship.

 Here is a Coal Fact you won't hear from Bolt
 Coal has become central to the NSW courts where a new coal mine was yet again rejected why? Climate change of course but you won't find Bolt drawing our attention to that. Bolt's column old news before he even began to push the keys. It's the way Bolt rolls behind the times.
Rocky Hill Mine Knocked Back On Climate Change Grounds

The proposed mine site.


Liberal Party believe the Hippocratic Oath is too Progessive

Amazing isn't it how when you become a politician you become wiser than Doctors in diagnosing health, Smarter than any Climate scientist better than an Environmentalist and become as compassionate as Catholic priests particularly when you're on the Conservative side of politics.
It seems if Bolt had his way to get a medical degree one would need to abandon the Hippocratic Oath in favour of  a sub-major in conservative politics " doctors bring in all those boat people on fake medical grounds."
In what seemed like a Busby Berkely coordinated and choreographed dance move News Corp joined the coalition in a back to the future visual
 "Shortly after Scott Morrison declared the proposed refugee medical evacuation amendments to be “stupid” legislation “written by people who haven’t got the faintest idea how this works”, parts of a confidential briefing based on Asio advice warning of its impact were published by News Corp.
The advice, which the government has declined to release, despite its front-page publication and use in political attacks, is understood to have been prepared by the nation’s spy agency and Australian Border Force for the home affairs department. 

Yes, the day before yesterday ASIO we were told leaked what now is being reported as seems a public announcement not by any ASIO official mind you but their representatives at SKY and the likes of Andrew Bolt. The first mention of that "leak" sounded like a Fox News announcement and Trumpster description of the Latino invasion of America. Murderers, criminals, drug dealers and terrorists we need a fence cry oops. Now it seems tempered because even that was too over the top for Bolt whose reverted to simple racism his natural state. "And once these 1000 get in, how many thousands more in Africa, the Middle East and Sri Lanka will see our doors are open again?" but loaded with fake compassion because our real priority is to stop them from drowning more than they want to prevent themselves from sinking. It's a back to the future moment.  Bolt has said it all before as far back as the Howard days of the Children Overboard and other lies told by Bolt and News Corp. How easy is his job?

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