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Andrew Bolt's Blog,9/2/19; Bolt tried to boost Abbott's stocks again telling us he's a "nice" guy; Slipperier than those he calls Greezers; Americans are still doing what they were caught out doing with Col Oliver North, Buying drugs for weapons; Secrecy of profit;

Zali Steggall is on track to win the seat of Warringah, according to a GetUp poll.

'I can't imagine these numbers help him sleep at night': Poll points to Abbott loss

Independent Zali Steggall is on track to replace the former prime minister as the MP for Warringah, according to a GetUp poll.
" The activist group, which is campaigning to oust Mr Abbott from his traditionally Liberal seat on Sydney's northern beaches, commissioned a poll of 622 residents that showed the four-time Winter Olympian leading 54 to 46 on a two-party preferred basis."

Guess nobody watches the Bolt Report? Andrew Bolt allowed Tony Abbott to say nothing other than it wasn't his fault all conservatives are having a hard time and being victimised these days. 
He eat that onion by the way because he's a nice guy Bolt said trying to boost his mate's stocks. The ex- trainee priest has said the medical profession just can't be trusted because of the Hippocratic Oath they swore to it makes them too compassionate. Too weak to have them vet the seriousness of the illnesses of asylum seekers in offshore detention. Only conservative politicians like Peter Dutton are in the position to be trusted to act reasonably. ASIO it's been rumoured leaked the words of Donald Trump about these deplorables, murderers, pedophiles and low lifes. We can only guess their intelligence may have come directly from Murdoch media's Fox News as no primary sources seem quoted. (ODT)

Doing it in the US and now aiming for Venezuela

What it was really like to work for the Obamas

These are tumultuous times in US politics. But there are reasons to be optimistic, says a former Obama staffer.

The country's vice minister of citizen security said weapons shipment was "financed by the fascist extreme right and the government of the United States."

  It's noted, if the U.S. is attempting to arm the Venezuelan opposition, "it would be taking a familiar page from the history books."
"The CIA operated a dummy airline, known as Air America, from the early 1950s until the mid-1970s for air operations in Southeast Asia, including air-dropping weapons to friendly forces," the outlet observed. "More than a decade later, Sandinista soldiers shot down a cargo plane taking weapons to the U.S.-backed Contra rebels fighting the Nicaraguan government. A U.S. Marine veteran, Eugene Hasenfus, survived the 1986 crash, and later told reporters that he was working for the CIA."
Oliver Laurence North is an American political commentator, television host, military historian, author, and retired United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel. He was convicted in the Iran–Contra affair of the late 1980s, but his convictions were vacated and reversed, and all charges against him dismissed in 1991. Wikipedia

 Col Oliver North, is the current President of the NRA, was caught out and busted for leading these clandestine missions into Nicaragua and was and still is proud of it. We had our own experiences in Australia with CIA fronts and illegal activities with the Nugan Hand Bank. Banks in the 70s and before were always ready to act as fronts for criminal activity. Some set up for that very purpose. (ODT)
Direction to a very informative film *****

 This episode we were joined by author and activist, John Potash, to discuss his new book, "Drugs as Weapons Against US: The CIA's Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac and Other Activists". There was a great deal of detailed information discussed throughout this interview that shed bright lights on a range of political assassinations of activists and outspoken celebrities. Tune in now.

Compelling viewing*****
Just how do the 1% hide their wealth and income which is equivalent to the rest of the world and cry if governments talk of increasing the taxes? Does the planet, the human world need Billionaires when the bottom 10% can cry out with joy because their annual income has increased by $3 dollars?

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