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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 14/3/19; And area untouched By Andrew Bolt. What Liberals do for a real job; Life at the top where merit counts;


The hard use by Newscorp to make money.

Yes, Kidd was bound by the rules of law and evidence but also in sentencing the juries verdict. Everyone else's opinions at this point are there own including Andrew Bolt's whose Corporation is far more intent on making money out of this event than most other media.

One sandwich doesn't make a picnic. One bank fraud doesn't define corrupt banking. The theft of a Mars bar doesn't deserve collective punishment and stereotyping but Andrew Bolt sure as hell thinks it does. An attempted Green Scheme failed, and Bolt is all over it like a rash. Investors are $ 2.5 million out of pocket. However in what world is the failure of one rational technological endeavour justification for scrapping all attempts to produce clean energy? Solar and wind today are cheaper and cleaner forms of power than any coal-fired plant provides, and the transition is already well underway.
The negatives of coal-fired power have been recognised and agreed on widely by Energy producers, scientists, financiers, investors, millennials and governments worldwide. The benefits of Green power have been verified yet here's Bolt still pushing the interests of the  Fossil Fuel Lobby in the most primitive way possible. The counting of a few dead trees in a forest is no justification to replace the wood for the benefit of developers who merely want to plunder it for profit.  However, it's typical of Bolt's approach to most things. However, in this case, his propagandising is akin to pushing shit up a hill with a pointed stick. It will fail he knows that since Tony Abbott flipped to the Green side once again. Something Bolt directly went silent on.
 Power of money

 $20 million missing: Broker's client money used to cover losses

 Good and Bad Corporations by Andrew Bolt's definition are those that stop advertising with Sky and particularly with him. He has a very narrow perspective on what's going on or is merely hiding the economic realities. Some people get 6 months for a mars bar. Some corporations just make mistakes and their trespasses forgiven. Like Cardinal Pell, they, of course, will have top of the range credit references if required.
One of Australia's largest brokers, Halifax Investment Management, is set to head into liquidation after administrators discovered that some of the $210 million of client money was used to cover off losses on bad bets on investment products by other clients.
Investigations by administrators from Ferrier Hodgson have found that just under $20 million of customers' money is missing.

'A game plan' for life: From The Key to a bribery probe:

'A game plan' for life: From The Key to a bribery probe: 

Life at the meritorious top

Rick Singer offers to be a 'master coach', helping teens develop a personal brand that sets them apart. And now?

 Cartoon called an "attack" on Indigenous Australians


COLUMN Jason Whittaker walked into a theatre last month to see what was billed as a “stinging satire”, but he forgot to laugh. Big mistake. To his astonishment, Whittaker has been denounced as a white racist, and an Aboriginal playwright is now asking Australian theatres to ban him.  

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 Some Corporations advertised with a Sky anchor failed to be impressed and walked out now that anchor is so peeved he's been calling them"bad" and encouraging their customers to leave them. Now he's complaining about a peeved playwright doing much the same why? Because she's black and an Aborigine.
 " Welcome to a dangerous change to how we deal with criticism of our failures — one that helps the incompetent to rule and insists the white guy always loses. Bolt
White victimhood doesn't exist in any systemic way nor does reverse racism. The playwright as a playwright has every right to voice his opinions as does the critic. Unless it can be shown that the critic's opinion was driven by or historically connected to systemic racism in the arts. Remember how Andrew Bolt defended Leeks Cartoon he's not doing the same for Nakkiah Lui's "cunt" skit is he? Why because Leak and Bolt are racist Whittaker and Lui seem to have differing opinions on a play. 

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