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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 15/3/19; NZ massacre, right-wing inspired; Bolt's biggest fear; The colonisation of the English language;

40 people dead after terrorist attack involving Australian shooter

" Sick. Utterly sick, and, if true, a clear sign that this is terrorism:" Bolt. What a surprise Bolt 1) isn't celebrating, 2) he's actually waiting for information rather than constructing it. 3) an infrequent event.
Brenton Tarrant an Australian doesn't sound and Islamic terrorist, Muslim, African or Bolt's usual suspects. Instead, it's been stated as a definitively right-wing Islamophobic attack on innocent New Zealanders.
Brenton Tarrant manifesto sounds very much similar to what Andrew Bolt has repeatedly been saying for years. It might be asked was Bolt an inspiration for this right-wing Islamophobic massacre? Jacinda Ardern's statement clashes directly with Andrew Bolt's manifesto of beliefs.

 Let's first say off the bat that the 'court' Bolt complains about in the Pell case is the same 'court' in the system as the one he's been complaining about all week. It too found Tyrrell guilty. Yet Bolt has been the primo media whinger about the court which did the same to George Pell. Tyrrell appealed and won. We didn't hear Bolt being at all involved in his case. The fact that he did get off is no reason however to assume Pell will as the two particular cases are distinct. There seems no reason or case for raising Tyrrell's circunstance.
 At no time have we heard that Bolt has faith in our rule of law and justice system which in the case of George Pell isn't over. Bolt instead believes that his blowhard opinions from the bleachers might have some influence over the Appeal process which is still continuing. He's not attended any of the 4-week court process that declared Pell guilty, and he won't participate in any of the appeal. However, he believes he's far wiser than our courts despite the fact he's only been party to the hearsay evidence like all of us. Not a particularly sound basis, and certainly not all the facts that were presented to the jury under the advice of Justice Peter Kidd. Bolt is hardly in a position to act as a juror.
Note however how Pell is of more concern to Bolt than the 40 people killed in NZ today . The perpertrator Brenton Tarrant an Australian it appears held similar views we have heard from Bolt regularly over the past few years. Their manifestos very similar and greater attention need be given to our vilification laws and those walking the edge testing them. Advertisers should consider twice those opinionators they wish to be associated with.




Say it here.
On The Bolt Report on Sky next week: a new film of the persecution of Dr Peter Ridd, scientist and sceptic of warming alarmism.
Bolt's increasingly the defender of Trolls Milo a self-proclaimed Troll, Peter Ridd an academic Troll, Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton Political Trolls etc. etc. etc. However if and when occasionally faced with an intelligent thinker that actually challenges hin Bolt simply cuts them off. If on a show he's not in control of he lapses into silence.

The idiocy that any sort of speech ought to be given attention in the free market place of ideas. Is the false and fake appearance conservatives like to present to make them look democratic. However while an ideal in a democratic society it falls short of the mark in Capitalist ones or ones with any form of the power hierarchy. Those with power don't like it questioned.
 The lack of equality ensures the power differential to present ideas indeed isn't equal, and the Bolt Report is the perfect example of why ideas fail to be rationally debated or even tested. The Bolt Report is not a testing ground of views or the ideal of JS Mills notion of the importance of 'free speech' at all. It's not the Greek Agora or even Speakers Corner, but it is merely a preaching platform for a particular form of repetitive message. Theoretically, the most significant test Bolt actually faces is the danger that advertisers will desert him and they are.
 Quote: Free speech or troll-bait? Why university campus provocateurs lean to the right – Analysis & Opinion – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)



US report drops references to ‘occupation’ of Palestine, now it’s ‘Israeli-controlled’

    US report drops references to ‘occupation’ of Palestine, now it’s ‘Israeli-controlled’ 

     In the latest annual global human rights report, the US has stopped using the term “occupied” when talking about areas of Palestine controlled by Israel, including the Golan Heights, the West Bank and Gaza.
    Mar 13, 2019 20:58 

    Trump and his government have had an imperial attack on the English language. No government in my memory has done so much to change the meaning of our words and language. 240 people are now an "invasion" of a nation of 350 million people. Moreover, it's a National Emergency.  Verified news has become 'fake news', opinion is now the news of the day, and now the 'occupation of Palestinian territories is 'Israeli-controlled'.
    This assault on our language prevents rational debate and politicises our language in the order it seems merely blur the notion of agreed facts on which a discussion can legitimately be had, it normalises Fox News as a legitimate source of information, and it legitimises Trumps Presidency. A questionable won in as much its votes were 3 million less than Clintons. The Trump inauguration the least popular in recent times. The 15 lies a day Trump delivers can be called the truth. What we are witnessing is the colonisation of the English language.


    Judases. Melbourne's University of Divinity has dumped Fr Frank Brennnan from speaking at its graduation ceremony, where he was to get its highest award. The reason: he'd written why Cardinal George Pell's conviction seemed unsound, and having him now at the ceremony "could have caused distress". Wasn't Christ crucified for causing distress?


    No he wasn't that direct he did mention he had every respect for our legal system and the process wasn't as yet over. Bolt gives the impression that's not the case. It's extremely difficult to respond to paywalls put there to get shekels for Newscorp at the expense of Pell. Melbourne Universities Dept of Divinity unlike Bolt wasn't begging for money. So whose the Judas here? Symbolically the school wanted to show their graduates they believed in the separation of religion and the state. Bolt doesn't.


    Amazing how Bolt deflects attention away from the issue of the Liberal bullying Culture to generalise it's really the culture of the Greens. One only needs to look at Tony Abbott's personal history to understand the nature of bullying cultures. Abbott has been raised with a double dose of bullying cultures 1) the Jesuits and 2) the Liberal Party from an early age Nudge, nudge, wink, wink say no more, and the world of bullying becomes obvious particularly against women.
    "Funny, I described the Greens years ago in just such term and was dismissed as just a Right-wing snark."Bolt
    The fact Bolt said this about the Greens "years ago" has him put his foot in his mouth again. He's admitting it's been a long time between events which can't be said of the Liberals and their supporter's bullying has been a constant topic of conversation over multiple occasions, and it's not just the bullying of women either.  Liberals are far more predictable they don't apologise.
    But more to the point Bolt is highlighting what the women have said but lowlighting anything the current batch of Liberal women has said. Why would that be if he weren't a bully?

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