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Andrew Bolt's blog,9/3/19; Abbott flips and jumps to the Left now Bolt is on the Right of Abbott; No principles just self-interest; Turnbull rightfully smacks Abbott down; Abbott's lost his way;

Some traditionally right-leaning voters are joining locals in Sydney’s Warringah in turning against their long-time federal Liberal MP.
Protesting in clear view of traffic crossing the Spit Bridge, in the heart of Warringah.
Independent polling analyst Andrew Catsaras believes Steggall has a red-hot chance of winning Warringah. Abbott is in "huge trouble", Catsaras says. The ABC's Antony Green is more circumspect, but says Abbott's hold on the seat will start slipping if his primary vote falls below 45 per cent. Green points to the 2013 federal election, in which independent Cathy McGowan beat Liberal incumbent Sophie Mirabella in the rural Victorian seat of Indi. Mirabella got 44.7 per cent of the primary vote, McGowan only 31.2 per cent, but with preferences McGowan got over the line.

Tony Abbott says he is the party and public's best candidate for the Sydney seat of Warringah.

Abbott's Paris backflip reveals the emptiness of last year's leadership madness

It has always been personal. There has never been any high philosophy in this naked struggle for power.
Abbott is known for backflips as is this LNP government is backflipping on everything Women, Banks, Climate now what is Bolt going to say given his mate Abbott has jumped Left. Not a word so far. 
"The threat of an election defeat has just forced Tony Abbott to reveal the emptiness of the climate change argument that brought the government to a halt last year.
Abbott did his best to wreck Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership in August by demanding Australia pull out of the Paris agreement to reduce carbon emissions. Now he changes his mind on this core argument."
The Spectator says " Abbott would provide good supervision over an otherwise very callow team". Andrew Bolt fully agrees yet callowest of men has jumped, flipped and changed yet again so effen fast it makes his staunch supporters standing flat footed looking like morons. Their silence, having been ditched is deafening. Remember the days when Bolt kept saying "Abbott got the message, and he's going to change" he's going to communicate. He didn't then, and back then Bolt got tired of repeating himself in his defence, and he went silent. Well like all those broken promises before and after 2013 it's happened again, and his mate didn't tell him. Abbott's like Trump he'll say anything to get you onside without analysis or reason and when push comes to shove he'll do a U-turn. No principles with Abbott  just pure self-interest a molester of politics this ex-would be priest.

  1. Abbott backs down on Paris climate agreement opposition, prompting slapdown from Turnbull

    Malcolm Turnbull ridicules former prime minister Tony Abbott's comments amid abandoning his calls to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

    Mr Abbott had advocated for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, but reversed his position at a candidate forum, arguing the circumstances had changed since the Government ditched its "emissions obsession".
    But at the same time he advocated for more coal-fired power, making a claim Mr Turnbull described as "innumerate idiocy".

Tony Abbott with Zali Steggal.

Morrison government hit by new internal dispute over coal

Policy gulf is being blamed for the government delay in deciding support for a shortlist of new projects.
With climate change looming as an issue at the federal election in May, former prime minister Tony Abbott on Friday abandoned his call to withdraw from the Paris agreement to reduce carbon emissions, falling in to line with Prime Minister Scott Morrison on the key policy.

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull dismissed the idea within minutes, declaring it wrong for Mr Abbott to claim coal power was the cheapest option.
“Today the cheapest form of new dispatchable or base load energy is renewables plus storage,” Mr Turnbull said on social media.
“We are now able to have lower emissions and lower prices but we need to plan it using engineering and economics rather than ideology and innumerate idiocy.”

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