Friday, 10 May 2019

Andrew Bolt's Blog,11/5/19; Morally bankrupt Daily Telegraph; The financially divided Liberal Party; Waleed Aly Shoten's Mum and Election; Trump the eager enabler of violence and division;

Why is Andrew Bolt so unwanted by News Corp in the 2019 Election?

Daily Telegraph waged a 'campaign' against Rush after defamation win, court hears

Daily Telegraph waged a 'campaign' against Rush after defamation win, court hears

In a tense hearing today, the actor's barrister sought an injunction restraining the newspaper from re-publishing the allegations at the centre of the court case.
They simply want to continue making money from the defamation and Fake news they printed in the first instance. It shows their purpose is not and never was news.

Former Prime Minister John Howard was appointed to the Cormack Foundation board in 2018.

Cormack Foundation decision sidelines John Howard, Richard Alston

The Liberal Party’s bitter feud with its biggest donor is threatening to reignite after Cormack Foundation directors allegedly overruled Liberal luminaries to withhold money from the Victorian branch of the party.

Waleed Aly

Waleed Aly

Why Bill Shorten's mum might swing this election

at that moment, our politics has been shaken by talk about a deceased woman’s work history. The commentary is now contemplating that this episode might be a seismic one in this election. Imagine if history recorded that it was.

President Trump speaks at a rally in Panama City Beach, Florida, on Wednesday.

'Shoot them!': Trump laughs off supporter's violence

The President's joking response raised concerns that he was tacitly encouraging brutality against asylum seekers.
Trump is simply doing what enablers have always been doing for years. Recruiting violence and division in the hope of turning it into advantage. Murdoch media have been doing it for years and the outcome was Christchurch

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