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Andrew Bolt's Blog,14/5/19 Guess who had the greatest No of appearances 352++ on Bolt's show; Palmer Paid for the LNP; Racism is personal;

The Bolt Report's bias and propaganda no debate seen here

From 2011 -2019 Andrew Bolt has appeared on his Bolt Report approx 739 times he's had Tony Abbott on 352 times. Nobody has had equal access to his platform than Tony Abbott. Michael Kroger 150 Rowan Dean 159 Scott Morrison 179 Bolt used to have a slogan No Foul No Favour. The ABC hasn't had a single left-wing person given as much favour


The mystery grows. What did the Liberals ever see in  Julia Banks that made them think she should be a Liberal MP?: "Bill Shorten spoke to Liberal ­defector Julia Banks about running for Flinders instead of Chisholm prior to her abandoning the seat in which she was elected."



Here is the man who glorifies Tony Abbott as to the purest of all Liberals a heroic figure maligned, a leader who stands alone misunderstood like Bolt sees himself. Mind you Bolt calls it "shy" rather than scared when he feels he can't walk the streets of his own city. The reality is they are both egoists elitists of the worst kind that seem to believe in a hell of their own making. 
In Bolt, its seen clearly seen in his misogynist attacks on women he calls "frightbats" in Saudi fashion they should be seen but not heard. He has even said he would stop his daughter going out if he didn't approve of what she wore. Yassmin Abdel Magied, Julie Bishop Miranda Devine have all been targets of his tongue, and in more recent times it's been Julia Banks who dared question the attitudes of the Liberal Party boys club were once women weren't allowed. 
The Menzies Liberal Party grew out of the men only Melbourne Club women not allowed and men singing like Andrew Bolt is now that tune from Pygmalion "Why can't a woman be more like a man". They talk of women as property if they were chess pieces to be moved around in the real game that men only play. Bolt's been caught out on many an occasion complaining about women why? He's praised himself because he can tell and knows the difference. A minder to a belly dancer and the only breadwinner in his family who protected his wife with lies because the truth would hurt her is what Bolt has shown to be noble. Any woman that turns their back on these values or stands up to them should be pilloried and stoned with his tongue venom, and anger. We've seen him do it time and time again. How did Miranda Devine survive it?

Liberal senator Jim Molan is mounting a rogue re-election campaign asking supporters to vote below-the-line.

Coalition tensions as Nationals launch their own 'below the line' campaign 

"We are not taking this extraordinary step lightly ... this is not something we want to do," National Party officials said.
Partisan politics divides the LNP while non - Partisan Politics appreciates Merit  (ODT)

'We can't waste talent': Labor considers Julie Bishop for ambassador's role

'We can't waste talent': Labor considers Julie Bishop for ambassador's role

Labour leader Bill Shorten praised the Liberal former foreign minister at a campaign event in Perth. 
 Labour leads the way to Australia's Future. Abbott led the way to its division. (ODT)



Guess it's not surprising that one of the 4%  particularly one half of the elite of that 4% might be heard to complain. I have an SMSF myself and sit on the flipside of the coin and believe in Labours policies. I have 4 investment properties that have never been negatively geared or explicitly designed to reduce my income tax obligation to a loss. Imagine if I had a sufficient investment in Coal and Oil shares and zero income neatly constructed by negative gearing I'd be sent a cheque for the Company tax that was paid. Tax as a refund on the stocks I held effectively not just avoiding income tax but receiving it as income simply because I could afford to run an SMSF fund. The rest of the nation can't because the costs don't equate. Yes SMSF is a closed club to only 4% of society.

Coalition implodes as Nationals launch their own 'below the line' campaign against Jim Molan

  • The Nationals are directing members to ignore how-to-vote cards and vote below-the-line in the Senate in a spectacular collapse of Coalition unity following Jim Molan's rogue campaign for his own re-election.



Have a close look at the number of times Tony Abbott has had access to the Bolt Report add to that the number of times he's been on 2GB and then put it next to his refusal to go on the ABC What do you see? A carefully manufactured victim backed by private media that provides propaganda. News Corp is designed to look like news but isn't. Captain GetUp in Warringah is designed to look like the equivalent of GetUp but isn't. Whose paying for the free News Corp papers thrown into non-subscribers front yards in Warringah. Bolt never even speaks about it
Abbott has appeared 50% of the time Bolt has on The Bolt Report and chosen not to appear on the ABC. He's ordered his conservative MPs NOT to attend as well why? Simply to amplify and make the ABC appear to be what it isn't why? To make it look as if they are against him. Abbott says the ABC is State-owned when it's not it belongs to the people no matter who is government or their shade of politics, and it's there to hold whoever is in power to account. It used to do just that, but in the past 6 years, its funds have been cut by $300 mill and forced to run on the same budget it had in 1984. Abbott began that with his broken election promise and the Liberals have continued to do it ever since tell us that's not politics at the behest of News Corp and the IPA.
As for Advance Australia and Captain GetUp, it's a company that has a board on which Liberal luminaries sit like Maurice Newman, and it's incorporated in Qld as part of the structure of the LNP. Its design is in no way like GetUps and nor is it's funding if ever there were a cult within the Liberal Party itself it would be Advance Australia started by and funded by an education scammer who's company was unceremoniously closed down.
What we see being done here is to campaign on The Bolt Report to tarnish Zali Steggels while trying to polish the turd. Bolt even uses Steggel's ex-husband but doesn't mention he and his wife both apologised saying she was really genuine. Steggles has also said she was an economic conservative and a cultural progressive which Bolt manages to twist into something devious and akin to a lie. You can only be one or the other, and if you believe in Climate Change, you can't be a real Liberal. But haven't the Liberals become more Green recently and notably Tony Abbott which Bolt conveniently ignored all this time?
The ABC's hatred of Tony Abbott is amplified by Bolt 1) By Abbott's refusal to go on the ABC and 2) Is matched by his welcome on anything Murdoch as if that's his only option to be heard. What would Abbott Bolt and Murdoch do without the ABC? Recently The right-wing government of Israel has openly admitted that without Hamas they couldn't exist. News Corp and its lackeys haven't reached that level of honesty yet. They want to privatise the ABC not destroy it just as Israel intends to maintain Hamas and not destroy it.
They want the profitable parts of ABC privatised and dump the non-profitable because then the IPA the wealthy and the conservatives could run Australia as they do in America currently calling reality fake as Bolt calls it a myth. Soon you will see them calling for non-compulsory voting as well.

No arrogance is what is seen below. The LNP having its ads paid for by Clive Palmer and having their corporate structure tied to Advance Australia and at the same time claiming their independence
A Facebook account linked to Clive Palmer’s United Australia party paid for a Queensland Liberal National party ad

 Facebook account linked to Clive Palmer pays for Queensland LNP election ad | Australia news | The Guardian

A Facebook account linked to Clive Palmer’s United Australia party paid to disseminate an ad for the Queensland LNP.
On Sunday, a UAP-linked Facebook account named Australia Watch Now spread an ad championing rival candidate, Brad Carswell, who is standing for the LNP in the Brisbane seat of Lilley.
The slickly produced video is a 35-second profile on Carswell, detailing his work in abattoirs, pubs, trucking and trimming trees, all with the LNP logo visible in the top right corner.
The Australia Watch Now page appears to be run by the UAP. It uses the party’s distinctive yellow branding, shares UAP campaign material, and is authorised to an “S Sokolova, United Australia Party” in Brisbane.
The ad for Carswell has since been removed.

WA Labor MP Anne Aly on Q&A, August 13 2018.

'Racist and personal': Labor condemns flyers targeting Muslim candidate

Federal Labor says "appalling" and "racist" flyers aimed at its Western Australian MP Anne Aly have been circulated in her electorate of Cowan.

  • The flyers are unauthorised, have no identifying marks, and so far, no group or political party has claimed them
  • Labour said it would refer the flyers to the Electoral Commission
  • The Coalition seeks to take Cowan from Labor, while four Liberal WA seats are also considered at risk

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