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John Bolton pressed Bush to invade Iraq resulting in 9/11, ISIS and Global Terror. He went to Murdoch's Fox News and became Trump's advisor. He's back pressing for war in Iran and now has Trump's ear and putting the world at risk. What will bombing Iran do but set the world on fire (ODT)

Are they Journalists or Sheep?: Bolton Orchestrates the Press for Iran War (Cartoon)


 Bernie Sanders Delivers Online Address: 'We Must Not Go


    COLUMN It seems insane in the week before an election that our leaders are arguing whether Hell exists and if gays will go there. What madness. Could Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten pass a law to abolish Hell, or ban God from sending gays to it? This is the politics of posturing that’s crippling this country. And it's dangerous.  



    The divide is within the LNP itself, and Andrew Bolt is a grand enabler. He is a grand Ad- Viser  for the reinstatement of Jim Molan and bugger if that just another wedge to divide the LNP not only the Liberal Party but the coalition itself. It's not Shorten and Morrison on religion but if Morrison is to be believed why did he invite the press to church on Easter Sunday and why did he abstain on the issue of Marriage Equality when he knew his electorate and the Liberals in it those he represented wanted it?
    The most dangerous thing in this election has been the most obvious, and it's been so this century and getting increasingly worse not just in Australia but in the English speaking world
    Time for a change — a major change
     There is a theory that Rupert Murdoch always backs winners. That he prides himself about it. In election after election, when his preferred conservatives are heading for defeat, News Corp has dialled down the decibels of its pushy right-wing propaganda in the final few weeks, or months, before the vote. But this time, even though Bill Shorten is almost certain to lead Labor to victory on Saturday night, the Murdoch media have, for whatever reason, decided to double down — attacking the Labor Party and Bill Shorten with even more unconstrained hyperbole.

    Bill Shorten 
    Look at Andrew Bolt's photoshopped post of Bill Shorten if this doesn't convince you nothing will, about the depths to which News Corp will sink (ODT)

    Barnaby Joyce has taken aim at Jim Molan as a Coalition civil war rages in the Senate race.

    'Fired the first shot': Joyce warns Coalition at stake as Senate civil war rages

    The great divide still encouraged by News Corp and Andrew Bolt are pro the Liberal ultra-Conservatives which splits not just the Liberals but the LNP coalition itself. Will you? Can you vote for them?


    The Greens claim to be against hate speech, but are what they condemn: "Damning footage has emerged of a Greens candidate hurling ­expletive-laden insults at Catholic students at the height of the same-sex marriage debate... 'Shut the f..k up,” Mr Parissis yells... 'You know who’s a joke? Your f..king beliefs... I wish I could kick your face in’." 


    Andrew Bolt is obsessed to the point he seems to have been put in the background of News Corp's election strike force. He's been named and shamed as Australia's primary enabler of Racist White Nationalism and one of its primary recruiters giving air to their cause. He's been convicted of vilification and hate under the RDA act and accused of radicalising Australians to commit acts of violence as an agent for Murdoch media.
     Having been named and shamed on his own show by the leader of the Greens Dr Richard Di Natale Bolt has turned frothingly feral trying to project his hate as a defence by claims that the Greens are what he's been accused of for over a decade. In typical bullying style, Bolt is calling out anyone seemingly Green as having been violent and radicalised by Richard Di Natale. A female egg thrower and now a candidate for swearing at Christians.  It's more than pathetic given Bolt's Islamophobic reaction of encouraging Christians to fight like terrorists after Barcelona. No wonder he and others like him have been accused of helping radicalise the Australian Christchurch shooter who acknowledged Blair Cotteral as his inspiration. Bolt seems to be throwing smoke at Di Natale and missing. 
    What's strange is Andrew Bolt edit's out people that he no longer wants to be associated with on his Cvs like IMBD you won't find Blair Cotteral listed but you can see their association listed elsewhere. Cotteral was given space as leader of the UPF as little as last year along with other known professional racist luminaries guests from overseas   The Bolt Report (TV Series)
    Himself - United Patriots Front / Himself
    - Episode #8.108 (2018) ... Himself - United Patriots Front
    - Episode #8.105 (2018) ... Himself - United Patriots Front
    - Episode #6.85 (2016) ... Himself
    James Mathison made Bolt look a fool and so doesn't appear as ever being a guest on The Bolt Report Bolt promised to have him back as he cut him short
    The truth Bolt wants to appear to be just an attack dog with lipstick on a nice guy, a devil's advocate, but that's all make-up even down to his false and self-constructed CVs. He is just a dog in the hands of his master Rupert and loving it. 



    The warmist Guardian gloats: "Britain passes one week without coal power for first time since 1882"  Terry McCrann clarifies: "The UK [is] still getting 93 per cent of its power from fossil fuels and nuclear.., Why? Because wind and solar just do not work."

    1m Link


    Scotland is a part of Britain it's running on 70% renewables most of the time now and is expected to be the first place in the EU running on 100% Mc Crann can say what he wants, but the data proves him wrong, not the Guardian.


    Terry McCrann: "The central issue of this election campaign is — or should be — whether we really want as prime minister...  someone whose central all-encompassing policy objective is quite simply a complete and utter lie... [Labor’s] Lie is the promise to take 'Real Action on Climate Change'." It's a lie that will cost billions, if not trillions.



    Bolt's asking you to buy "free speech" we have laws about false advertising why isn't News Corp charged under the same laws Peter Foster was time and again. Propaganda is advertising, and it's being sold as news.


    This refugee community has a huge problem, as do the rest of us: "An organised fight between dozens of teen girls of African appearance has left a trail of blood... At least two girls were stabbed." Nearby: "Security at Fountain Gate was increased following recent incidents, including... two physical assaults involving groups of youths."


    Bolt has been having trouble lately finding Africans to declare as exceptional and unwanted in Australia. When was the last time we heard him yell "Who let them in?" He couldn't because of the excessive violence we have seen in Melbourne has been by white Australians over drugs at football and by the police. It's been months, but then the Libs like Dutton and Morrison have left it alone as well. Bolt somehow justifies ignoring the fights between whites as easy to overlook but blacks harder. Whoever said he wasn't racist. He didn't mention it when the police declared they were after not a gang the other night but a Lebanese gang as if that explained everything about why they shattered a citizens arm.


    Drug addicts make bad neighbours. Who, other than politicians, is surprised?: "About 150 Richmond residents [met] on the safe injecting room, with a majority... voting in favour of a motion that the facility be moved." Another surprise - it's a honey pot: "I can't walk down the street without being asked if I'm chasing.'" Even staff have shot up.



    Just how significant is the issue? We don't know. How amplified is it? Well, we can tell Andrew Bolt is advertising it for his Tabloid The Herald Sun. Drugs are a public health issue and the problem with successive governments they haven't been treated as such. Maybe if medical facilities were suitably located like mental health facilities are there'd be less noise. Homelessness isn't a drug issue, and it's not amplified. Social dysfunction exists, and it exists as a trend that goes far beyond just the fault of individuals, but it's not amplified. The trend to addiction is overlooked individualised blamed and politicised all for a purpose.  What we see is not just an injecting room problem it's a problem when associated with poverty and a load of other class dysfunctions nobody wants to address, but it's a great political divider and income source for media attention. Addiction of the wealthy also exists maybe an injecting room ought to be trialled in Bolt's suburb for the convenience all the Eastern suburb addicts who currently have to go to Richmond. In fact, it suggests every suburb needs one not less.
    Injecting rooms have been operating globally for years, and we don't hear about the issues they are having in fact, what we do hear of is the success they have had. Why has Australia such a tin ear? It's all for politics of division rather than consensus because some of us simply can't operate and maintain power in a framework of agreement and rational politics. The focus has to be on differences, not problems everything needs to be weaponised and amplified, and that takes money and media to broadcast it, which is then also a business model like News Corp's. It doesn't run debates question investigate or inform but only politicises editorials via its editorials and propaganda. They are self-interested advertisers.


    The fact that Andrew Bolt conveniently ignores is 90% of Labor voters want something more done about Climate Change and so do 59% Liberals but not only in Warringah but across Australia. It's why Josh Frydenberg id feeling the heat. It's why Abbott says he's for Climate Change and recognises more needs doing. The Paris Agreement should be maintained and not dumped like Trump. How is it Andrew Bolt has not once castigated Abbott for his jump to the center. There is no Climate War in Warringah Abbott declared that was over. Why is Bolt claiming that there is? Steggels is clear yes she believes in Climate Change so does Tony Abbott. Zali is, and economic conservative, so is Abbott. She's a cultural progressive who supported  Marriage Equality Tony Abbott does not. Yet 75% of Warringah do. Warringah decides whose future Abbott's may be but Abbott won't be turning Warringah's back to the 50s that's for sure. 


    Don't say  Labor didn't warn you about what it's about to unleash: "Bill Shorten will deliver a major speech on Thursday, at the same venue Gough Whitlam delivered his historic ‘It’s Time’ speech." Check Labor's promises on taxes, spending, global warming and immigration. Shorten isn't kidding. He'll make the Whitlam disaster look like a picnic.

    Whitlam took us out of Vietnam abolished conscription and provided this country with the benefits of progress that this country had never seen before. Why he has a progressive and long term plan that gave Andrew Bolt the right to fail University for Free. He recognised China. Started Medibank. Changed the shape of Social Welfare brought in Equal pay. Established the Legal reform office and abolished the Death Penalty for Commonwealth offences. I could go on to show Bolt's ignorance but won't because he does that well enough by himself.

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