Thursday, 13 February 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL, 14/2/20; Porter chasing down the Unions but not the Sports Rorts, or the Regional Grants. Crooks everywhere but only in the Unions; Fake News

The explosion of highly paid incompetence and stupidity in ministerial officers...

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack administered a grants program that crossbench MPs say needs investigating.

More regional grants splashed on Coalition targeted seats

Porter is going after the CFMMEU yet he certainly has stayed out of any focus on LNP 's "business model"


Former Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie is on the back bench after resigning from the ministry over her handling of a sports grants program.

More than 40% of sports rorts projects 'ineligible'

Audit officials have contradicted Scott Morrison's central claim that 'no ineligible projects' gained money in his defence of the government's $100m sports program.

The Morrison Miracle looks more like the Fine Cotton affair

 The Morrison Miracle really does look like a rigged race when you add Clive Palmer, the sports rorts and regional grants into the show. How are Christian Porters actions against the CFMMEU equivalent to the wage rip off that's been occuring for years coupled with their attack on penalty rates at all equivalent?  Porter isn't he's intent on pulling some teeth. He's intent like Howard was to totally destroy unionism in this country.
 Business and the FWO certainly weren't intent on improving worker conditions. While they were enacting wage theft crimes they were enacting a play with the FWO  allowing employees the largesse to get away with theft by virtue of doing nothing. Both actions Porter's (the LNP) against the CCFMMEU and the current employer regulations all harm the ordinary Australian worker at the benefit of employers who have been getting away with it for years.
 Is  George Colombaris today's Glen Whitely the sacrificial lamb hanged drawn and quartered for show but in reality nothing was done after. The Panama Papers listed the names of corporate tax evaders and this LNP government did nothing. Wheatly was put on show when he tried to cooperate. Their crimes are coming to the surface but  the media just seems to accept them as part of the new normal  or  The Morrison Modern Miracle (ODT)

“It's a very important legislation, the lawlessness on Australian construction sites is out of control and the CFMMEU just seem to take massive fines as the cost of doing business – that’s the cost of their business model. So this is very important legislation.”
So in essence, Porter alleges that the CFMMEU – from a monetary and budgetary perspective – factors workplace fines on its construction sites into its business model the same way businesses, and hospitality businesses in particular, have proven to factor wage theft into their individual business models.
The strategy of businesses in hospitality is to make the wage shortfall payments to their own staff knowing that the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) punishments equate to nothing more than a virtual slap on the wrist.

 Amid scandal, Coalition Government revives anti-union Bill



I have a message for Pauline Hanson. Your language on Aboriginal culture on Wednesday was crude, and let the enemies of this critical debate shout "racist"!  Not helpful. But, Pauline, keep fighting. My editorial from The Bolt Report.
33m ago 
A message to Pauline stay a Racist simply change your unsophisticated language "Take my advice". Bolt admits to being what Hanson is proud of. It seems he prefers the cupboard style of racialism. H even claims he's better at it. Is that because the Judge convicted him of vilification and crude journalism that he's "more sophisticated"? Bolt is hardly being an example of a smart bigot here just an ordinary one we have seen before.
"It's not white settlement or 200 years of systemic lack of opportunity that ensured Indigenous Australians were a the bottom of every social metric. Well, Mr Bolt it so happens when you strip away all the racial descriptives and ask why the facts are so glaring you come down to 200 years of poverty due to a systemic lockout or welcome that isn't explained by Jacinta Price or Warren Mundine or Stan Grant all exceptions to the rule that Indigenous Australians have faced from the cradle to the grave.
On mass, they for one couldn't borrow money, get equal pay, or allowed into places where white men were. 200 years of denial of capital gain, wage theft, stolen children influenced Indigenous culture but it wasn't theirs it was yours.
Bolt bragged that when he was at school his best mate was Aboriginal why brag about that Bolt where is he now and does he get an invite to Bolt's home today? If he had kids would Bolt be happy to see an inter-racial marriage? Not on his effen life. 


I joined son James and co-host Pete on the latest Young IPA Podcast for a ramble. Fun times, talking about tricking the too-gullible Eddie McGuire, the politics of Attila the Hun and the burning question - could America elect a president whose name they can't pronounce? The boys also discuss the terrible High Court decision. Listen or watch here. 
31m ago 
One word to describe Bolt's frequent appearances on his son's Young IPA Podcast
NEPOTISM. However, that, in the long run, might just backfire. As young James Bolt seems less a man of his own making but rather his fathers and is he actually being groomed for a career in Politics? Will he sacrifice his dual citizenship that makes his father wannabe Dutch more than Australian even though he was born here? The right-wing commentator that criticizes everything left in this country but would love to retire in a country much more Socialist than we are. What's that make the Bolts Hypocrites.

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