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Incredibly distressing footage of thousands of Australians, all across the country, queueing around the block for Centrelink, then a desperate parliament working into the night to shove through its third bail-out package in as many weeks, each one more urgent then the last. As the country runs short of critical medicines and life-saving protective gear, Michael West reports on those profiting from the tragedy.

 Doctors and nurses exposed, medicines run short, while profiteers run rampant - Michael West




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  Everything Accomplished During the Great Depression to Make Capitalism Workable Has Been Taken Away Resulting in Economic Crisis that Only Debt Forgiveness Can Mitigate, by Paul Craig Roberts - The Unz Review


America’s 2008 bank crash offered a great opportunity to write down the often fraudulent junk mortgages that burdened many lower-income families, especially minorities. But this was not done, and millions of American families were evicted. The way to restore normalcy today is a debt write-down. The debts in deepest arrears and most likely to default are student debts, medical debts, general consumer debts and purely speculative debts. They block spending on goods and services, shrinking the “real” economy. A write-down would be pragmatic, not merely moral sympathy with the less affluent.
In fact, it could create what the Germans called an “Economic Miracle” — their own modern debt jubilee in 1948, the currency reform administered by the Allied Powers. When the Deutsche Mark was introduced, replacing the Reichsmark, 90 percent of government and private debt was wiped out. Germany emerged as an almost debt-free country, with low costs of production that jump-started its modern economy.
Critics warn of a creditor collapse and ruinous costs to government. But if the U.S. government can finance $4.5 trillion in quantitative easing, it can absorb the cost of forgoing student and other debt. And for private lenders, only bad loans need be wiped out. Much of what would be written off are accruals, late charges and penalties on loans gone bad. It actually subsidizes bad lending to leave them in place.
In the past, the politically powerful financial sector has blocked a write-down. Until now, the basic ethic of most of us has been that debts must be repaid. But it is time to recognize that most debts now cannotbe paid — through no real fault of the debtors in the face of today’s economic disaster.
The coronavirus outbreak is serving as a mind-expansion exercise, making hitherto unthinkable solutions thinkable. Debts that can’t be paid won’t be. A debt jubilee may be the best way out.

 Michael Hudson: A Debt Jubilee is the Only Way to Avoid a Depression | naked capitalism

Debt forgiveness is the only way out of this debt suffocation. Can debts be forgiven without nationalization? Not without a huge giveaway to financial mangers and Wall Street. It is the members of the “one percent” who have received 95% of the increase in us income and wealth since 2008. Do we want to reward them for smothering the economy with debt by bailing them out without nationalizing them?

 Economic Effect of Coronavirus Could Be Revolutionary -


The IPA has captured the Liberal Party

The IPA has captured the Liberal Party

The power and influence that the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) has may not be obvious to the naked eye.



 Murdochian Andrew Bolt is doing a Fox and promoting war of another kind blaming others for what he says can't be fixed and saying "we aren't responsible" the same argument he uses with climate change. Hugging the Chinese, of course, we are because they are bending over backwards helping to fight coronavirus on a global scale not lagging and holding back blaming others. They are sending "donating" medical supplies and professionals to fight and advise in 89 countries while Trump is calling those gifted supplies government stockpiles when he recently said there were none. His words "medical supplies would be released when available". Two days later they are well that isn't a "stockpile" is it unless he was lying and been hoarding them. The most likely source is China's donation.

Bolt seems eager to turn the Chinese into the new Jews of the world racialising a human illness which the Chinese discovered and have brought under control. Today America is to blame for it's current spread. They are todays global tourists who unlike the Chinese are spreading the disease. 10 out of 18 American tourists in Adelaide were found to have the virus no mention of that will be made by Andrew Bolt nor will Jack Ma's contribution of 1mill masks and 500k testing kits among other items he sent to America.

Racialising the virus is the sign of a moron a pea brain trying to look for someone to blame. German measles were called German because the illness was discovered by German scientists. The Kansas flu was discovered in America but was called Spanish when nobody could pinpoint where it first arose. In much the same way Coronavirus was first discovered by Chinese scientists carried by bats were the bats Chinese? Americans insist it is Chinese just as they insisted the Kansas flu was Spanish why?  For their failure to acknowledge it as a global issue to control just as they have climate change and it's spread. Now Murdoch media politically echoing Trump's words "I'm not responsible" and being his very poor apologists as Biden is 10pts ahead of Trump in the polls.  


Bolt's Originality: He gets ideas for his show straight from head office FOX USA

Marco Rubio Attcks The Chinese For Only Being 'Interested In Their Image' With COVID-19 Response
Rubio was asked by Bartiromo about the timeline of the Chinese response to the virus, and was more than happy to pile on in attacking them for making this worse, which they have, but was unwilling to utter a single word criticizing Trump for his weeks of denying the pandemic and its severity, delaying testing, calling it a "Democratic hoax," and some sort of evil plot designed to keep him from being reelected.
via Marco Rubio Attacks The Chinese For Only Being 'Interested In Their Image' With COVID-19 Response | Crooks and Liars

Murdoch,/Trump/ State media promote singular ideas and approaches globally to this pandemic "don't let these changes be excessive so the cripple the world's best economies from the top down. Is this the reason they aren't offering any help but China is?


Fox Newses climate crisis coverage began with dismissing the urgency of the threat. Strange so did Bolt if not outright denying it, just as he has been labelling advocates for climate action as hysterical and alarmists. "We can't keep spending money this way" is increasingly being heard by Bolt as opposed to drastic and sustainable changes are needed. He could say waive all debt nationalise essential Industries like banks and start over once the virus has passed. That we need to become more globalist and socialist than we currently are.
Murdoch media supported and still does taking untested medications carrying on life as if nothing has occurred and that it's just another flu. However, now that is obviously false they have only changed their tack slightly that the solution is nigh and western science has it under control when the opposite is, in fact, true and we are turning to the East for advice.  Very much like their arguments for Climate change that clean coal will save us.
Scapegoating is to take the blame away so obviously, it's China's fault, not ours or our governments for their slow response since December when we were warned. The opposition media are a good target if the attempt to report the undiluted and ungilded truth. They become a common victim of Murdoch's in order to boost Trump's the "it's not my fault" posture. Science being another target in as much Trump's "feelings" over-ride anything science it has to offer. Science needs to have reigned in because it's too politicised. It's why Trump put a gag on the CDC not to publish or announce any findings without them vetted by or announced by him first. The CDC and WHO have been called highly political organisations that need to be controlled because they deal in the truth as we know it. 
Let's not leave the Chinese out they not only created the myth of Climate Change but are now doing the same with the China virus suggesting their scientists didn't just discover it but created it. Climate was designed to close American Industries, Coronavirus it's been suggested is a designer virus to shut America down and attack Trump.
 Fox wields these tactics in an attempt to blunt aggressive climate action. As applied to the coronavirus, Fox has deployed them to shield Trump from political backlash. Either way, these tactics are shameful and dangerous -- and their impact is not easily corrected.

Trump denies he promotes violence as does Andrew Bolt but
Already, Asian Americans have confronted discrimination and physical violence as a result of coronavirus-related racism. A 23-year-old woman in New York City was hospitalized after another woman was alleged to have been punched her in the face as her attackers invoked anti-Asian slurs. In California, an Asian teen was sent to the emergency room after he was bullied and assaulted because of fears surrounding the coronavirus.
  "there is scientifically and medically nothing 'Chinese' about this virus."
"'Chinese' adds nothing to our understanding of this virus and how to stop its spread," he said. "It only fosters division." and Bolt steps back in time when he uses the term to vilify and should be held to account for it.


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