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Fighting Fake News with REAL,21/3/20; Australian individuals are asked to cough up again like the GFC and not just into their arms; The IPA really do magnify why Capitalism hasn't a clue on how to deal with Covid-19;

Mixed Reports After Trump Accused Of Trying To Buy Rights To German Coronavirus Vaccine Research

 Mixed Reports After Trump Accused Of Trying To Buy Rights To German Coronavirus Vaccine Research | IFLScience

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WARNING: this may make you *very* angry, especially if you’ve had to deal with an empty shop lately.
The IPA is the Institute of Public Affairs. It is a policy “think tank” funded by some of Australia’s richest entities, and it basically exists to tell the Liberal Party what rich people and corporations want Liberal/National governments to do for their interests.
IPA “alumni” transition into roles in parliamentary Liberal parties, as senators and MPs. They are the most influential political organisation in Australia at the present time.
As “free market” ideologues, the IPA don’t believe in the government IN ANY WAY restricting the behaviour of commerce.
They don’t believe in minimum wages.
They don’t believe in price controls.
And they really hate unions.

As many of us have recently turned up to local shops stripped bare of the basic goods we need to live, I think everyone should have a look at what the IPA boyos are demanding on Twitter today.
Are you prepared to pay $300 for toilet paper? How many people do you reckon can afford that? Can your mum?
I’ve added the pledge made by Liberal/IPA Senator James Paterson, just so you are in no doubt about the relationship of the think tank and the party.
You can make up your own mind as to whether you’re comfortable being governed by people with these values.
 Mike Carlton
Matthew is an Adjunct Fellow at the IPA. (From the Latin “adjunctuvus”, meaning “nasty little ignorant wanker.”)

Andrew Bolt's son is a member of the IPA promoted and groomed by his father on The Bolt Report and as a guest on his son's podcast. What becomes obvious is skill runs second to who you know rather than what Jame's's co-host on the IPA's podcast doesn't seem to get the boosting attention given to him by dad. 
We shouldn't be surprised because it mirrors dad's climb up the social ladder where skills ran second to his networking within the Murdochian community. (ODT)
 Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Magnanimous Kruppe replied Simon Breheny Simon_Breh... 2h Not only is there nothing wrong with it, as consumer want @Coles, @woolworths, @igaAustralia, @ALDIAustralia to implement reasonable price changes respond to demand that when need high demand items they are available. Donate the proceeds to charity you like. Matthew Lesh @matt... .7h There is nothing wrong with retailers increasing prices. It ensures products can be bought by those who value them the most and helps prevent shortages. Show this thread'
Scott Morrison just gave a media conference about coronavirus.
His statement repeated that there are travel bans, and that he's been speaking with banks about LOANING money to small business to continue trading.
Yes, he's encouraging small business to *take on more debt* with interrupted supply chains and no customers.
What was also significant was what Morrison didn't announce.
There is:
- no wage support for stood down workers
- no raising of Newstart
- no job guarantee for return-to-work reemployment after the crisis
- no conditions on corporate bailouts to protect workers
- no end to unsafe "mutual obligation" demands on Newstart recipients
- no paid sick leave for all
- no jobs created in infrastructure or in the public service to actually manage the crisis.

Tell me; do YOU feel confident that the Liberals and Nationals are looking after us?
Do you think they know what they're doing?
Do you feel safe?

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