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Fighting Fake News with REAL 28/6/20; Secret Trials and hangings: The IPA is having an affair with the Libs behind the backs of the Nationals; Roxhamising the IPA Party

That has led to one of the most wasteful prosecution efforts in recent memory. As of June 3, some $2 million has been expended despite the case still being at a pre-trial stage. As Patrick put it, this amount has been spent “persecuting two Australian heroes that called out the Australian government’s immortal and unlawful conduct.” But as with other maniacal complexes that beset the tyrannical mind, such heroes must be punished rather than rewarded.

 Wasteful, Secret and Vicious: The Absurd Prosecution of Witness K and Bernard Collaery - » The Australian Independent Media Network


ABC managing director David Anderson sent a proposal to Communications Minister Paul Fletcher outlining what the broadcaster could do if the indexation freeze was lifted.

Prioritising for the IPA the Liberals screw the Nationals by not revealing the ABC offer to expand their rural services. (ODT)

 ABC plan to expand regional coverage was ignored and kept secret

Under attack: The ABC in Sydney on Wednesday.


#DefundTheABC? What utter Trumpian madness

Attacking the quality media and dumbing things is straight from the Donald Trump playbook.

 Seriously? #DefundTheABC has been trending on Twitter this week, in the aftermath of the government budget cuts, a sign that the madness of Trumpism – attack the quality media and dumb things down so the mob will believe anything – is further taking hold in our own brown and pleasant land. The broad theme of the defund the ABC movement is that we the people get nothing for our money. Seriously!

No Peter, it's been part and parcel of the 75pt IPA strategy along with their intent to become more of a public force. Roxhamising the IPA their agenda. Without an ABC turning a critical focus on their political economic and continued cultural machinations and interference. Money and PR being the key and supplied by donors entering the LNP and Murdoch the Goebellian solution in the English speaking world. It's why the privatisation or the eradication of the ABC is so high on their agenda. The IPA previously a political think tank has risen to be the real force behind the coalition. With Costello now head of Ch9 ridding Australia of the ABC even a greater priority.

" The provision of such services is above politics and must be properly funded. But in these lean and uncertain times, the ABC must ensure it uses its precious resources in pursuit of this key purpose - that is, telling all Australians, no matter how old they are, what they really need to know." Today's Age  and the priority of neutering the ABC making it the Harem's Eunach.

I do however have one puzzling question why are John Roxham and Bill Shorten's families so close? Best men and godparents but such political opposites? 



Climate alarmist Tim Flannery's new book could be very interesting.: "Flannery's  [book] would show how we could apply what we had learned from coronavirus to climate change." The answer, of course, is DON'T TRUST MODELLING. And don't trust the rush to embrace the scariest claims. Wonder how Flannery of the Dud Predictions will deal with that? 

Over 40 years it can't be said there's been a "rush" to embrace the scariest claims but what we saw in that period was the constant rush to deny any of the claims science was making based on the evidence found. Andrew Bolt was a media leader telling Australia the world was "cooling and not warming". His favourite reference and modeller at the time was Roy Spencer who tried to convince us of that. After 20 years even Bolt could no longer be a denier. 
 Flannery well he's of importance to Andrew Bolt as Greta Thunberg Waleed Aly Bruce Pascoe and the ABC are constructed reasons for his existence he can't live without. He's like Trump in that he never addresses the substantive issues or the nub of arguments but tends to need and attack the players. The coronavirus to Bolt is trivial and only has the attention of the public because of the fake media. However, he flips that to Coronavirus is real and we should be scared of it because it's spread is the result of Multiculturalism. That's Bolt, in a nutshell, a total yo-yo-

15m ago


Greta Thunberg is the creation of powerful people - including politicians - but now says they exploited her: "Presidents, prime ministers, kings... saw the chance that they could take a photo with me... They had forgotten for a moment to be ashamed that their generation had let future generations down." True, but now they'll back off. Puppet bites!
1h ago 
As I said Bolt doesn't address what Greta has been saying he's attacked her as a mentally deranged child and now as a disloyal backstabber. She is never a critical thinker as that would mean addressing the substantive issues as to what is being said and why there has been such slow action on climate change in the face of the facts that scientists have been telling us for years. Bolt is not addressing the fact that Siberia is burning as a consequence but only "Greta bites". 


Hypocrites. "Defund the police" turns out to be a policy that will hurt the poor, while the powerful hire their own guards: "The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security for three council members ... [who] have been outspoken proponents of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department."
1h ago 
What Bolt is telling us? That a police force that protects the poor exists? No, but he poor clearly know paid force exists to police them. Bolt's trying to convince who? That it protects the poor and doesn't spend it's time arresting them. The priority of the police is to protect property and violence generally born of poverty. Yes, their job is to keep a lid on it not and do that quickly and harshly. That, in fact, is now a business in America that feeds privatised prisons and ensures their profit. 
The "defund the police" movement becomes clear when one compares what policing could be and is in Cuba where theft is rare murder even rarer and damage to property even more exceptional. Where police actually live in the communities they offer a service to and are respected. Why the difference Mr Bolt? Cubans are regarded as poor and have been kept that way by the 60-year trade embargo put on them by America. 
Yes, The rich do employ a private army to personally take care of the interests both domestically and abroad. They are mercenaries in the USA.

 Speakers 2015 Archives - Page 6 of 6 - MacGill Summer School


In US police kill a black man. In Scotland, Justice Minister Humza Yousaf makes an inflammatory speech in response, complaining that almost every top public servant is white (even though Scotland is 98 per cent white). On Friday a Sudanese man stabs six people in Glasgow, including a white policeman. This time Yousaf has a very different reaction.
2h ago 
"Depressingly yet predictably some are using (this) horrific incident to further their far-right agenda," Scotland's justice minister Humza Yousaf said in a tweet.
"Glasgow won't stand for your divisive hatred, so don't even try it."
 Bolt's comments here make no reference whatsoever to the context of what even took place but he's reduced it to a personal level as if Humza Yousaf might have singled Andrew Bolt out had he been a media commentator and Bolt is actually defending himself and it's that has stirred Bolt's attention.

Forget the fact it was a hotel packed with asylum seekers homeless and mentally ill not provided with any choice of social distancing against Covid-19. Fertile ground for an event like this to have happened

The Park Inn hotel was being used to house asylum seekers during the outbreak, homelessness and human rights charity Positive Action in Housing tweeted.
The Kurdish Scottish Association was quoted as saying by the Glasgow Times newspaper there were about 100 asylum seekers in the hotel at the time.
Residents had complained about being kept inside and a lack of money, while some had mental health problems, it said.
  Syrian Refugee Adnan Elbi died last mth in Mclays Hotel after attempting to kill himself in one of the hotels. We saw the number of refugees expressing depression, frustration and suicidal thoughts go up after being moved to hotels. 

We shouldn't be surprised to see Andrew Bolt protecting his own interests rather than discussing what occurred. It's an opportunity to have and be exactly what Humza Yousaf was referring to

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