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Fighting Fake News with REAL, 12/9/21; Glady's leads Australia she says and leaves; Fighting for Values; Scott Morrison taking care of himself; Vic Libs want Morrison out;



 NSW "Flags Easing Restriction" Gladys Ducks for Cover" "What Restrictions Sydneysiders ask?"

 Gladys Berejiklian the mole's Gold Standard lead Australia's premiers  in dealing with  Covid and humbly bowed out of the limelight to quiver behind locked doors. Imagine if all the other Premiers followed her and Morrison's advice and simply "stopped talking" about the bloody Delta strain and the numbers

Sydney warned not to enjoy freedoms too early as beaches swell

May be an image of text that says 'Too hot for Gold Standard Gladys to handle. The Saturday Paper Q LOGIN Plans have already been drawn up for a worst-case scenario in the health network. In NSW, doctors and nurses have been told by hospital managers that life-saving support may not be provided, or potentially even be withdrawn, for those with a median age of of72 during the "overwhelming" phase of the current Delta outbreak- which is forecast for late October and early November.'


 May be an image of text that says 'The fall of jobs in Sydney is even worse than last year Change in payrolljobs 12 June 14 Aug 14.0% 12.0% 10.0% -8.0% 6.0% WA NT Vic. SA Tas Qld ACT 4.0% -2.0% 0.0% -0.2% -0.8% Aust (current) Rest NSW Aust (March-May 2020) Sutherland 0.9% -1.3% -1.4% -1.8% -3.4% North Sydney Hornsby Outer West Blue Mountains Baulkham Hills Hawkesbury Eastern Suburbs -4.4% 6.7% 8.8% -9.0% Northern Beaches Ryde Blacktown Outer South West 9.6% Inner South City Inner West -9.8% Parramatta South West Inner South West 10.8 11.0% Chart: Greg Jericho Source: ABS -12.3% -14.6% data Created with Datawrapper'

Speaking to our values, yes yours

 May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'WHEN WE GIVE BILLIONS το BAIL OUT FARMERS IT'S CALLED "BEING FAIR." WHEN WE GIVE BILLIONS TO BAIL OUT BANKS IT'S "GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY." WHEN WE GIVE TRILLIONS TO BILLIONAIRES IT'S "GOOD FOR AMERICA." BUT WHEN WE NEED MONEY FOR... VETS POOD FOR CHILDREN HOMELESS PEOPI.E SOCIAL SECURITY FOR INSURANCE FOR THE THE ELDERLY SICK SUDDENLY IT'S "OH MY GOD NO, IT'S A HANDOUT!"'May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'The Sydney Morning herald Politics Federal Political leadership OPINION PM's culture of creeping secrecy: how a flight to Sydney confirmed his aversion to disclosure David Crowe Chief political correspondent September 10, 2021 5.00am f When Scott Morrison's office heard the media were going to report on the Prime Minister's flight to Sydney last weekend to see his family on Father's Day, the first re- action was that the trip did not deserve to be reported at all.'

Victoria eyes the new Guy.

Matthew Guy might entertain a secret wish that Scott Morrison loses the next federal election. Although the PM will not be taking the Victorian Liberals wishes into account, the next federal election date has major ramifications for Matthew Guy. If – as looks likely – the Morrison government is tossed out, then that assists the state Liberals. If Anthony Albanese wins, the new PM and his team recruit and cherry-pick the best staff from all the ALP states. Andrews’ advisers, working for the pre-eminent ALP premier, will be much sought after, leaving him relying on a new team in a state election year. Meanwhile, Matthew Guy will have an abundance of battle-hardened Liberal evacuees from Canberra looking to ply their trade, which re-invigorates a tired state Liberal Party. But the federal scene is not pretty for the Morrison [almost minority] government, and Victoria looks particularly ugly. Of the 21 “marginal”, Liberal-held seats to defend, the biggest clump of seven are in Victoria, then four in NSW, four in Queensland, three in WA, two in Tasmania and only one in SA. That is why Dan Andrews will accuse Scott Morrison of being the PM for NSW whenever he can. Inexplicably the PM is giving Andrews ample opportunities.

 Matthew Guy: If the PM loses, the big winner may be this guy

La Moneda, Chile's presidential palace in Santiago, is bombed by the nation's armed forces on September 11, 1973. Salvador Allende, the country's democratically elected socialist president, died during the U.S.-backed coup that brought to power Augusto Pinochet, who imposed neoliberalism through military dictatorship. (Photo: Bettmann via Getty Images)

“On this day in 1973, Salvador Allende’s democratically elected socialist government was overthrown in a military coup led by the U.S.-backed fascist Augusto Pinochet.”

 ‘The Other 9/11’: Progressives Remember Allende’s Chile | Common Dreams News


  "The Pentagon has some serious explaining to do," said one reporter. "Now consider how many strikes go unexamined by Western media."

Investigations of US Drone Attack That Killed 10 Afghans Find No Evidence of Explosives in Vehicle

 The Accumulated Evil of the Whole: That time Bush and Co. made the September 11 Attacks a Pretext for War on Iraq

Maybe Ishnar Lopez-Ramos apologized to the judge for her mindless murder. She lost her liberty, perhaps for the rest of her life. She received punishment. Her victim was mourned by her children and husband. Society recognized that a great wrong had been done.

Bush and his gang remain unpunished. Society does not hold them in contempt. The mass murderers sit on genteel corporate boards. Iraq is forgotten, never mentioned in the daily news, with the masses being given bread and circuses instead. The great American amnesia about our own miLitarism and colonial misadventures is forgotten or denied.

The victims of September 11 lie defiled, made an excuse for a brutal war of choice that contained within it the accumulated evil of all war crimes.

The Accumulated Evil of the Whole: That time Bush and Co. made the September 11 Attacks a Pretext for War on Iraq

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