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Fighting Fake News with REAL; 21/11/21; LNP's Material Record; Dan Andrews looks over the horizon; Protesters look at themselves; Trump and Biden Economic Records


 May be an image of text that says 'For the record, Australia's economy was ranked as follows by the IAREM over the last 12 years: Labor take power GFC happens 2007: 9th 2008: 3rd 2009: 1st 2010: 4th 2011: 1st 2012: 1st 2013: 1st 2014: 3rd 2015: 9th 2016: 13th 2017: 18th 2018: 21st LIBERAL take power'

Me vs We brigade is organized and DEADLY. Demanding the right to fill our hospitals and die next winter. Meanwhile, Dan Andrews with 58 % of polled support is thinking ahead to prevent a Covid future from overtaking the limited resources of our universal health system.

European governments are taking a hard-line stance against anti-vaxxers as infection numbers surge to record levels in many countries and threaten to ruin Christmas. The continent has become the global epicentre of the pandemic at a time when families had been hoping to once again embrace holiday festivities, and one another. With infections spiking again despite nearly two years of restrictions, the health crisis is increasingly pitting citizen against citizen — the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. Governments desperate to shield overburdened healthcare systems are imposing rules that limit choices for the unvaccinated in the hope doing so will drive up rates of vaccination. Despite overwhelming medical evidence that vaccines protect against death or serious illness and slow the pandemic’s spread, opposition remains stubbornly strong among parts of the population. In the Netherlands, protests this weekend turned into riots and police opened fire on crowds when a demonstration turned into what Rotterdam’s mayor called an “an orgy of violence”.

 Clampdown on the unvaccinated as Europe becomes pandemic epicentre


By Jim McIntosh Of course, we always knew that Morrison is a liar.…

 But in the final analysis, things are different now. Scotty is damaged goods, and he’s becoming a liability to his own rag-tag party. The point being that if Morrison feels the need to call out and appeal to violent street thugs and extremists of the far right, then the damage is real. What about all his ‘quiet’ Australians, the ones he always claimed were behind him? So, even though I and many of us already knew the nature of the beast, what matters now is that if it’s good enough for the French President to come out and state the facts about this man, then it’s certainly good enough for me. And Morrison, meanwhile, becomes more and more an object of derision and clownishness.

Scott Morrison has moved on, apparently

 Demonstrators shout slogans and light flares during a demonstration.

 Reports from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands make it clear that the protests are organized by Far-Right groups that's something Australia's Mass Media seem reluctant to say. 95% of Victorians have voted by getting vaccinated. So why would that fact be something not headlined? Aren't we that exceptional or would that be yet another embarrassment for Morrison wh hasn't bothered to congratulate Dan or us. 

The EU riots are something not actually given priority that with the onset of winter there is a resurgence and 4th wave of Covid-19 happening. Dan Andrews has put Victoria in the best position with that 95% jabbed. His Pandemic Bill is preparing us for the winter ahead. The winter the EU, UK and USA are experiencing now. The Bill is the most transparent in the country. There's been a minimum of people who have lost their jobs for refusing vaccination, but boy, have some been given publicity to farcically make out that they are victims rather than that the people they worked with were the ones being put at greater risk.

It's no coincidence really that we have seen Peta Qredlin and Qraig Qelly and demonstrating in Victoria even thought they don't live or vote here. LNP MPs stand shoulder to shoulder with the Far- Right self-interested idiots, QAnon, Proud Boys, UPL, Nazis and others all who don't believe in Democracy but do expect they like to govern us. These demonstrators are the mirror, a reflection, a reminder of what Germany looked like before Hitler took over. Any innocents who find themselves a part of these fascist protests encouraged and enabled by Morrison and other LNP politicians saying what Trump did that "good people exist on both sides" need to really reconsider who it is they have joined by their association and presence with. It's not Public Health is it and they are very much a minority when 95% of Victorians have voted to be vaccinated

Tens of thousands of protesters, many from far-right groups, march in Austria and other European nations as COVID-19 restrictions tighten

  • The Austrian lockdown will start on Monday and last at least 10 days 
  • The government also will make vaccinations mandatory starting February 1
  • Protests also took place in Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Croatia and Guadeloupe

Protests erupt over COVID lockdown and vaccination rules across Europe



 "I'd love to catch up but I've got to stay within 50 metres of Parliament House"

Protester can’t make it out to pub tonight because he’s protesting for freedom 


Trump's economic record is being 'soundly beaten' by Biden as economy bounces back: Forbes

Never forget Atlantic City the real reflection of Trump’s economic record. There’s his inheritance too blind Freddy would have over $12bn dollars after 40 years doing nothing. DJ Trump has $2.5bn and trail of blood and carnage in his wake.

Chuck Jones of Forbes reports that Trump was in the habit of boasting about economic gains during his administration, but now his records are being “soundly beaten” according to the S&P 500.

Source: Trump’s economic record is being ‘soundly beaten’ by Biden as economy bounces back: Forbes – Raw Story – Celebrat

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