Sunday, 12 January 2020

Fighting Fake News with Real; 13/1/20; Morrison Crashes and burns;

Scott Morrison tours fire-affected areas in South Australia
Crash & Burn Morrison does (ODT)

The pollster Kevin Bonham said Morrison’s plunge from 14 points ahead as preferred prime minister to four behind is “the equal second highest such loss in Newspoll history”, after Paul Keating’s 23% drop against John Hewson after the horror 1993 budget.
He also said it was “highly unusual” for the current prime minister to trail the opposition leader on preferred prime minister when the two-party-preferred margin was narrow.

 Scott Morrison suffers blow to personal approval rating in first poll of 2020 | Australia news | The Guardian


Government-friendly journalists and commentators at News Corp and 2GB show no sign of changing tack either, so even if the government wanted to shift its policy, the media environment makes it difficult to do so. The forces of inertia are powerful. 

Like marriage equality, the polls show the LNP is out of sync with the electorate in the Southern States how long can that last? Even after the referendum, the LNP have been termites in underming the peoples choice. 

 The optics of that gap are now significant and Morrison wants to delay anything that seems like a backflip but is promising changes will be made in inches no yards. The Royal Commission is one such means for a PM who keeps saying "lets not politicize the bushfires" and keep cool heads seem to do it. What he's really saying is that the victims of the fires the scientists sacked and all those saying "you were told" have no right to righteous anger when they have every right because all we've seen from the LNP has been stonewalling by a minority of manufactured opinion in the denial of Climate Change. Manufactured because the nature of the false facts that have been put forward to appease their lobbyists, donors and the IPA as opposed to listening to the public. Elections seem separate events and issues manufactured to divide the electorate as we saw with Clive Palmers spend of $60 mill are designed to distract from the unity that's really in place. (ODT)

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