Monday, 10 February 2020

Fighting Fake News with REAL 11/2/20; ABC Diversity and Unity of thought in a Democracy; The worst retail 3 years in our history; Meanwhile the danger of uniform Fake News;

Andrew Bolt is part and parcel of what might be regarded as an English Global Media Swamp and here it's Sky News & News Corp. There is no fluidity to Sky News, only uniformity and yes that Uniform is global. While diversity is essential to life, to a successful ecological system, the unity found in a Democratic system and currently needed for the survival of an increasingly toxic planet the Murdoch's certainly don't see it that way. Theirs is profit-driven economically rational maybe but toxic effort of uniform control of a market. It's a totally rigged game being played out in the myth of the "free market"(ODT)

 News Corp’s Australian newspapers are quick to attack the ABC, union leaders and local government bureaucrats for being overpaid, but somehow they’ve missed the biggest salary looting exercise by their own bosses in the history of public company capitalism. Former Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph business editor Stephen Mayne reports. Revealed: how the Murdoch men looted $1.4 billion in salary from public companies  (Michael West/ Stephen Mayne)

Kenny is very upset by Paul Barry’s presentation of Media Watch (Feb 3 this year) in which Barry discussed the views of several well-known right wing journalists and had videos of them stating their views. No doubt he would also be upset by the Four Corners program on the ABC the same night, by the way Jim Molan was exposed on Qand A, and by the film and panel discussions on Nine’s 60 Minutes last night (Feb 9). 

Kenny is writing under the heading: “Media Watch host Paul Barry fans flames, dodges climate change facts.” (The Australian, pay-walled)

 Chris Kenny vs Paul Barry and the ABC - » The Australian Independent Media Network


Rudy Giuliani 2-9

 Fox knows exactly what it's doing by promoting Giuliani’s Ukraine disinformation campaign | Media Matters for America


Worst three years in retail ever: Thank you, Coalition Government

THERE WAS NO Christmas joy for Australia’s impoverished shopkeepers in December. Retail sales figures confirm the Coalition has cursed the retailers with the worst sales slump since records began.
Shop owners, their workers and the retailers’ peak bodies were fervently hoping pre-Christmas sales would boost total revenue for the year 2019 at least above the dismal total for 2018. Didn’t happen.
For the third consecutive year, total sales declined from the previous year after adjusting for inflation and population increases. Australia has now been in a per-capita retail recession for three straight years. This is the first time this has happened since the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) began keeping sales data in 1983. Thank you, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Thank you, Prime Minister and former Treasurer Scott Morrison. Thank you, Coalition Government.




Fake News


The Nationals in chaos, the Morrison Government humiliated in Parliament, and rebel Nationals fighting Liberals for a coal-fired power station. I spoke to Nationals MP Matt Canavan about all this - and Malcolm Turnbull calling him nuts. Watch. UPDATE: Turnbull policy "bonkers".
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