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Fighting Fake News with REAL,1/12/19 Murdochian Trash pollutes Australia; Media Pollution is in your face; The Inglorious truth of British History revealed in India the West Indies, Africa etc but Australia according to some idiots was an Exception;

 The Australian must be held to account - » The Australian Independent Media Network

During the week, the increasingly ridiculous Murdoch rag, The Australian, published yet another article by the Coalition’s tame climate change denier, Ian Plimer.

Alexis Berg, Associate Research Scholar, Princeton University: “Just like previous pieces by the same author, this piece is an unorganised collection of the same old misleading “arguments” from climate change deniers that have been addressed thousands of times before.  It is frankly appalling that any newspaper that would like to retain some credibility would continue to publish such pieces.”
It’s time The UnAustralian was held to account for their deliberate and destructive campaign to mislead the Australian people about this existential threat.
If we want to talk about “ensuring integrity”, then the Murdoch media would be a great place to start.


A Fact you never heard from Peter Dutton that  African's from Victoria have invaded Qld. (ODT)

Almost 25,000 knife-related crimes committed in Queensland last financial year

  1. A dramatic rise in young people carrying knives prompts a Logan detective to start a campaign warning of the risks, with new statewide figures showing a 40 per cent increase in knife-related crimes.

    This in Peter Dutton's State and not in Victoria, what a surprise? (ODT)

Top Stories  ABC and CH9 How they headline and event



 Prison rehabilitation expert identified as victim of London Bridge attack

  1. One of the two people killed by a knifeman during an attack at London Bridge is named as 25-year-old Jack Merritt, a Cambridge University graduate remembered as a "champion for underdogs everywhere".

    A convicted murderer on day release was hero who tackled London terrorist



    'He's no hero': Man who helped stop London Bridge terrorist a murderer.

James Ford, who was convicted of the murder of 15 year old Amanda Champion, and was one of the individuals, while on day release, who tackled Usman Khan on London Bridge.

"He is not a hero. He is a murderer out on day release, which us as a family didn't know anything about. He murdered a disabled girl. He is not a hero, absolutely not," Amanda's aunt, Angela Cox, told the Daily Mail on Friday. "I don't care what he's done today, he's a murderer," she said.
"Yes, he did something nice, but that doesn't make up for what he has done. He's not a hero, and he never will be," Cox told BBC News on Saturday.
We heard this attitude expressed so often by media commentators like Andrew Bolt, yet when he was convicted of Racial vilification himself, he claims the law got it wrong. Is it any wonder these attitudes, in fact, encourage recidivism and serving time for a crime is enabled by beliefs fostered like this in the community. The media, in this case, like Bolt amplify that people who have committed a crime should never be forgiven even if they served the prescribed time.
However, not so in Norway and other Scandanavian countries where the recidivism rate is much lower and rehabilitation the focus. One needs to ask why a murderer can't be a hero? Why has the media created this headline rather than what Ford did to prevent a terrorist from doing further harm? Afterall he did something "more than nice".


Image result for Image of Andrew Bolt with egg on his face


The Saturday Paper's Rick Morton is ignorant and deceptive in defending Bruce Pascoe: "Tellingly, after mocking an account he questions about animal yards in an Indigenous settlement I went to Bolt with an actual account of one quoted verbatim that IS IN DARK EMU, and he responds: 'Maybe they were animal pens, who knows?'" Here's the truth.
" There is one particular question Andrew Bolt does not wish to answer....he has read Bruce Pascoe’s best-selling history of Aboriginal Australia, Dark Emu. Each time, he evaded the question."
Perhaps it's the reason Bolt tends to attack the man rather than debate the work or what he said. Bolt did that with Adam Goodes as well when he found a groundswell of protest telling him what Goodes actually said, and in the context, it was all said rather than Bolt's cut and paste ignorance put on display.
Bolt's, never to be forgotten, fact that he was found guilty of Racial vilification lurks behind the attack on Pascoe who openly admits."
“The people he(Bolt) attacked for this crime, however, had an unfortunate thing in common: their credentials were impeccable. Any good reporter could pick up the phone and talk to their mothers about their Aboriginality until the chooks go to roost.

“If I had been part of the group who took Bolt to court for impugning their heritage, he would have had a field day.”
Bolt even manages to stuff up this rebuttal! As per my emailed question to him, I don’t claim to have found this information. I quoted it to him and the precise page number on which it appears in Dark Emu. Reading comprehension: nil. 
1) reviewing the original documents and explorer accounts in question. They are – at every instance – quoted verbatim and cited accordingly in an extensive bibliography at the end of Pascoe’s book.
Bolt alleges: "Dark Emu – included incredible misquotations of its sources." What it shows, however, is Bolt has never read the book Pascoe didn't quote Sturt when referring to a "town of 1000" but Mitchell.
2) In his reference to dates, Bolt's is likened to a drunken sailor. When Judge Mordecai Bromberg pronounced Bolt guilty of Racial Vilification, he also found him guilty of slack and lazy journalism. Someone who had no care for facts but only his own ends as he's doing here. Trying to protect White Colonial History from its more than possible denial.
Amazing having spent so much energy attacking the likes of Bruce Pascoe and Adam Goodes as men dubious character along with others all Bolt has to offer is "
 “Trust you to attempt to make this about me and not his incredible claims.” doing what Bolt does time and again FLIP the argument to make out he's the victim and Morton is the aggressor.
This telling evidence against Andrew Bolt Chris Kenny and others does indeed help Pascoe as his claims have stood the test and evidence found by others since.
On Wednesday, Marcia Langton replied to Josephine Cashman on Twitter. The two were previously close.
“The critique of Dark Emu is a job for actual historians not Andrew Bolt & others who benefit financially from tearing apart the lives of people looking for family,” she said.
 Andrew Bolt is a reductionist saying Pascoe has no Aboriginality because he hasn't the right documentation. When is a "heap of beans" a "heap of beans" Andrew Bolt? Is it 1 bean?,2,3,4, or----25 beans? Who chooses the tipping point when several beans become a "heap"? Andrew Bolt thinks he is judge and jury. He thought he had that right when convicted of racial vilification as well. Like Hitler had the right to define who was and who wasn't a Jew. In much the same way he hasn't any right to judge Pascoe at all. Besides, it's Pascoe's work that is and should be debated not the man.
  If that were the case, could it be argued, what Bolt never addresses, is that he is a Nazi because of his heritage and connection to Aalsmeer. It's well documented. Oh, it's not an issue of race, but then neither is Judaism, but Hitler certainly made Judaism one. So why can't it be said Bolt is a Nazi? Simply saying no won't cut it.


The Saturday Paper's Rick Morton made gross errors in defending Dark Emu author Bruce Pascoe from my criticism that he wrote fake history and made dodgy claims that he was Aboriginal. But in my response yesterday I missed one critical blunder from Morton that proved what he denies - that Pascoe misquoted his sources. Peter O'Brien hasn't missed.
2m ago 
Mitchell's "estimated" of numbers is fair enough. However, not according to Andrew Bolt, so when is a heap, a heap or an estimated 1000, not 1000? A Census report, not a Census report. Is an estimate simply a leap of faith, a Religion? Bolt's demand for absolute exactness doesn't seem to apply to the white man's history. Bolt looks as if he's trying to wriggle out of his embarrassment.
 There are an increasing number of Bruce Pascoe's around along with growing attention and new evidence. The demand for absolute exactness rather than probability is rarely found in history just as an absolute connection between smoking and cancer never has.  Bolt's insistence that human history needs to be based on "fact" rather than probability is counter to any human experience.
It seems rather a rush of desperation in the defence of white men's accumulation of historical "facts" as an exact interpretation of our past. It's ultimate absurdity to tell us history, as written, shouldn't be changed because it's somehow "exact". What Wanker Bolt is when he says " We are in a wild new world where facts do not count, at least to the Left. It's the side and the story."
 Somehow Bolt seems to find it astounding that after 200 years of being told and taught white history that one can find Aborigines that support what they have been taught. Jacinta Price is just an example of the uncertainty of the past that is open to be re-examined when new evidence arises. She's certainly not a reason for denial.  If whites or blacks question the past the only reason is new evidence not simply Bolt's name-calling that they are 'Left'. How shallow is that?
Basically, one needs to ask why has the man so blinkered and has such a tin ear? Bolt is obviously disturbed as he was when his attacks on Adam Goodes showed him up for what he is a denier that any White Colonial Racist system was in place and it's descriptive of our inglorious past.
 Globally British Colonial history has been exposed and is being rewritten about India, the West Indies Africa etc and the exploitation that was involved in so many places but not according to Bolt here in Australia. We as far as Bolt is concerned some marvellous benevolent exception of a British Colonisation quite different from anywhere else. 

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